Charged 4\" Starburst Flash Nuummite Crystal Massage Wand + Selenite Heart ~70g For Sale

Charged 4\

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Charged 4\" Starburst Flash Nuummite Crystal Massage Wand + Selenite Heart ~70g:

\"Awesome Powerful Starburst FlashNuummiteCrystal Hand-Carved Pointed Healing Massage Wand -HEALING ENERGY / SORCER\'S / MAGICIAN\'S CRYSTAL - STRONG ELEMENTAL MAGIC REIKI by ZENERGY GEMS\"

Note: You will receive a wand from the EXACT lot shown.Nuummite Wands are also known asNummite Wands or Nuumite Wands.Hand-Carved & Hand-Polished by Artisans in India!

Your Wand has been CHARGED (or re-charged) in the Direct Sunlight and stored with Selenite Heart Crystal until she comes home to be with you!

The World\'s Finest NuummiteCrystal Healing Wand!

NuummiteWandApproximate Size: 3.8 - 4.5 inches x (0.8 to 0.9 inches tapered)

NuummiteWand Approximate Weight = 70 - 124 grams (2.5 - 4.4 ounces)

Trusted US Seller with 100% Positive response

30-day Refund/Return (shipping not included)100% Satisfaction Guaranteed*** STANDARD SHIPPING & TRACKING - USPS First Class ***
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[FREE SHIPPING]Description:Humans throughout history have worn and carriedNuummite or Nummitefor protection, prosperity and inspiration.Now you can use yourNuummiteall day & night. What aperfect tool for YOU on your journey towards greater Love, Light, and Joy in YOUR life. Add some Zenergy (Peaceful Positive Energy) to your life with this beautiful crystal wand.I\'m offering these at as low a price as I can (well below what others have sold for on ) now as an introductory offer. Perhaps you\'d like to consider buying one & gifting one while I have them on sale? You\'re awesome for checking this new beauty out. I sincerely appreciate you. Dan
Lithotherapy (Stone Therapy) & Metaphysical Value of NuummiteCrystals:***Nuummite shaped into a wand, Nuummite draws out negative energies, mental imprints or implants from outside sources, and combined with Novaculite can release curses, past-life imperatives and the effects of sorcery and ill-wishing. [Hall II, 198-199]
Nuummite, the Sorcerer\'s Stone, draws from the fiery energies of ancient Earth and combines with the elements of Storm. Black as midnight shadows on moonlit water, this talisman shimmers with mystical gold light, lifting the murky to see what lies beneath. It is a stone of personal magic, increasing the frequency of synchronicities and luck, clairvoyance and intuition, and for those evolved enough to work with its intensity, it allows for journeying deep into the personal psyche, offering a clear vision of one\'s true Self. It helps to release energies trapped in the subconscious and brings the gift of inner power, healing, and self-mastery. [Simmons, 279][Ahsian, 279][Hall II, 198]
Nuummite is also referred to as the Magician\'s Stone. Stones with elemental magic should always be taken seriously and used respectfully with right intent, as harmful intent rebounds upon the user. [Hall II, 199]
The oldest mineral on Earth, Nuummite was formed over three billion years ago from volcanic origins. It is a unique combination of Anthophyllite and Gedrite metamorphosed into closely inter-grown crystals of charcoal gray to black with iridescent flashes of gold, though its labradorescent display may include red, orange, yellow, green, silver, blue and violet. It is named for the remote, rugged mountain area north of Nuuk, Greenland, where it was discovered in 1982 and is still painstakingly mined today. Similar rock has been discovered in Canada and the United States, however only the rare Greenland variety has color developed well enough to be suitable for gemstones. [Simmons, 279]
A masculine stone, Nuummite is a stone of support for fathers, especially single fathers, and assists anyone who wishes to resolve issues with their own father or grandfather. [Eason, 200]
A tumblestone of Nuummite near a source of heat shields the home from natural disasters. It is also good for bringing stability to a new environment. [Eason, 200]
The symbols [ ] enclose the author\'s name and a page number for a reference cited from the following books:
[Eason, pp. ]Cassandra Eason, The New Crystal Bible (London: Carlton Books Ltd., 2010).
[Hall, pp.] Judy Hall, The Crystal Bible (Cincinnati, OH: Walking Stick Press, 2003).
[Hall 2, pp.]Judy Hall, The Crystal Bible 2 (Cincinnati, OH: Walking Stick Press, 2009).
[Simmons, pp.] Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian, The Book of Stones (Berkley, CA: North Atlantic Books, 2007).
How our Wands are Made:All of our wands are made by hand by Artisans in Peru and India. This is not to say that they do not using a grindingstone that may be electrically powered, but it does mean that they don\'t just dump beautiful crystals into a machine andout comes a finished wand. These are hand-crafted by skilled Artisans.
I\'ve recently had the pleasure of interviewing my friend Irfan who\'s company makes some of our Pendants and some of ourwands all by hand in India. He gave me a detailed explanation, which I am honored to share with you. This method issimilar, if not identical, to how the beautiful community of carvers in Peru make wands for us as well.
The Artisan first starts by cutting rough crystal material into rectangular shaped pieces that are roughly 50% biggerthan the finished wand will be. This is all dependenton the quality of the material as some material that is hard towork with like Green Epidote or Pyrite that have crystal cavities [called vugs] that can jeopardize the integrity of the wand.
What you may not be able to appreciate is that quite a few of the wands break during one of the steps from start to finish.The good news though for us crystal lovers is that none of the product goes to waste...they save all the pieces and makesmaller products from broken wand pieces.
So, from the 4 sided rectangularpiece of material they then fashion the point. The next step is to create an 8 sidedwand, then a 16 sided wand all grinding the flat facets by hand with skill & great care. Once they get it down to a 16sided wand they start rounding the entire wand. One thing you make take away from this that may be useful in helping yourealize a wands value is that the rounded smooth, tapered, pointed wands actually take more time to make and are worthmore becauseof that.
So, to determine a wands value it\'s often priced by the material\'s cost, most often in $/ Kilogram and then the amount oftime to create the wonder-full work of art.
I hope this helps provide you some insight into how hand made wands are made. I think it\'s incredible that we have theblessing to be able to buy a beautiful piece of art made from metaphysically valuable material that has been crafted bya beauty-full human being with love and great care for less than some of us pay for a dinner out. A wand that if takencare of (don\'t drop them) can outlast us on this beautiful planet. :-)
***PLEASE NOTE: Neither the FDA or any other federal agency endorses or supports any of these claims or beliefs. No scientific research has been done to substantiate these beliefs, but they have done federally financed studies on the power of faith & prayer and have proven that if you have faith & belief that you will gain healing...miracles can happen!Thankfully government agencies do not get to tell us what to believe!We do not guarantee any claims of benefit from the crystals we sell, but do guarantee their quality and your satisfaction 100%! You\'ll love them and they will love you back for as long as you own them.30-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Refunds & Returns:Before you leave any neutral or negative response, please email me. We have a 100% success rate so far at resolving all of our customers problems (all due to USPS shipping issues so far).All of our specimens are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed for30days. You can take them to amineralogistfor appraisal and if you are not happy you may return them in their original condition for a refund. Shipping back to us isnotincluded.
Free Bonuses:All ZenergyGems™items do include a free bonus item(s) (even when not mentioned in the listing). I love to share my love of crystals, minerals, and gemstones and will pick an appropriate free bonus item whether you are a new customer or repeat customer...everybody gets free gifts when they buy from us. If you buy some rough mineral for turning into jewelry, I will likely throw in more material of a different kind. If you buy crystals, you\'ll get a free crystal or 3. I\'m gifted/cursed with a genuine heart of love and generosity and all try to supply you a view of all four sides, the top, and bottom views of the specimen. Although many sellers \"forget\" to include this we are including them as a full-disclosure to you know exactly what you\'re buying. Unless otherwise stated, the above photos are all taken in direct sunlight or under GE full-spectrum lights (that most closely match sunlight) or with a standard flash. Thephotos donotdo the specimen justiceand may look differently on different computers and mobile devices depending on your personal settings. All that said,what you\'re buying looks muchbetterin person than what you see here. If you love it\'ll definitely love it when it arrives home to you.All photos are Photoshop freeand accurately describe the exact item you are purchasing or one that is very similar/identical.
Combined Shipping:You get Free Standard Shipping & Tracking included in this purchase. You can combine any of our other items (so, please browse as this is the time to save money)with this order and I will discount all of the shipping on the additional items. Each additional item can be added for only $1 each. When the total weight of the order exceeds 1 lb (16 ounces) I will then ship themall togetherExpedited Priority Mail (2-3 Day Delivery). When you are done shopping for your \"must have\" additions to your crystal or mineral collection, email me and I will combine all of your items into one shipment/invoiceand discount the shipping on any items that had additional shipping in the listing.*This is notcurrently possible for the Global Shipping Program -International Customers due to restrictions!
Shipping is our most expensive cost on our free shipping listings. So, if you like, you may send me an offer or offers for a discount on any of our sales with shipping. Sincethislisting, when purchased, has the Standard Shipping included, I will likely accept anyreasonableoffers on other items as add-on orders.
If you would like totake advantage of the savings of combined shipping, when you are ready to check out:\'request total from seller\'and I will bundle all of your items into one invoice with combined shipping (other shipping discounted).Please donotsubmit payment before you get your combined invoice even if you don;t know how to \"request total from seller\". I will automatically combine orders from the same person.
International Shipping:We use the Global Shipping Program for International orders. We ship expedited to their distribution facility and they re-send the items to you based on your chosen class of shipping. We do not control how they repackage their shipments to you. They will charge you an additional shipping & handling cost. You may be responsible for customs duties on your end. Free bonus items such as the Apache Tears will be labeled as \"Free Samples\", so you should not have to pay customs on the free gifts I send you.
All trade marked ZenergyGems®products are hand selected and packaged by our skilled and knowledgeable staff at ZenergyGems™Store. Zenergy Gems®will only guarantee the size and quality of products sold through us. PLEASE CHECK TO MAKE SURE THE SELLER NAME IS ZENERGYGEMS. There are noother sellers on or anywhere else authorized to sell our products.---------------------

We feel our crystals & mineral specimens are the best available anywhere, as we go that extra mile & personally hand select each and every one of our crystals directly from our importers & local Arizona suppliers for their Premium quality, great energy, one of a kind design, ultimate color variations & much more.

We pride ourselves in bringing YOU, the VERY BEST that we can!

All of our crystals & stones are natural. Because they are natural, each piece may have inclusions, natural lines, colors or indentations. This is a normal and part of the natural material. All photos are taken in natural light or with a flash indoors.All images are Photoshop FREE.

We take extra special care in packing your items for safe arrival, but have no control over the mailman/mailwoman or the shipping company.If you have an item that arrives damaged please contact us before complaining or leaving negative response.We willalwaysmake things right for you. We want to earn your 5 star positive review and repeat business and make your life better having dealt with us.

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Dan & Diana Majestic


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