Cereal Rusts - Artificial Infections on Rye, Magic Lantern Glass Slide For Sale

Cereal Rusts - Artificial Infections on Rye, Magic Lantern Glass Slide
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Cereal Rusts - Artificial Infections on Rye, Magic Lantern Glass Slide:

Vintage Magic Lantern Glass Slide

If you have never purchased a slide from me, please take a minute to read. Thanks!

Slide Size:3 1/4\" X 4\" (3.25 inches X 4 inches). Metric: 8.25 cm by 10.16 cm.

Combined Shipping Discount: Pay at the SAME time with a single PayPal payment and will automatically give you the shipping discount
Take up to a week to combine. If you need longer, please contact me first. Please hold off paying until you want the items shipped.

US Shipping Discounts:The\"Shipping and Payments\"tabshows the additional per-slide cost for combined shipping.
Outside the US: Goto the US Postal Service website (USPS.com) to calculate shipping. The first slide weighs 5 ounces & each additional slide adds 2 ounces. (The price to ship two slides is usually the same as the cost to ship one slide.)

Contact me or wait for an invoice IF...

a) The shipping discount seems wrong....or,
b) You are buying more than 20 slides (I can give cheaper rates using flat-rate boxes)...or,
c) The combined order needs to go via Priority Mail or Express Mail (the combined shipping is too high for these options)

If you pay in separate payments, or don\'t wait for an invoice in the above situations, I will assume you are okay with the shipping amount paid.

To contact me:Please use messaging and not email. I usually check messages at least once a day.

Provide a correct address: If an item comes back to me as undeliverable, no forwarding address, or refused (or not picked up from customs, etc.), you will need to pay additional money if you want me to resend the slide. That needs to happen within 10 days of the slide being returned.

Customs & International (non-US) orders:Customs and other similar fees are NOT included in the price and are the responsibility of the buyer. Depending on the country, it can take6 weeks or longer to arrive, particularly if it gets held up in customs.


Please review the seller\'s notes/condition description above.

Please zoom in and examine all pictures carefully. I do not usually list defects clearly visible in the pictures. I also do not list problems which are typical for slides this old.

Glass: The glass may be dusty or have smudge marks or dirt on it (I do not clean before selling). The glass may have minor scratches, surface abrasions or small nicks on the edges or corners of the glass.I make a special note of any cracks(unless they are behind the tape and I don\'t know they are there). The glass might be sticky from the adhesive residue of the tape or label.

Image: Small specks or scratches may be present in the image itself. There can be slight browning, yellowing, or fading of the image, particularly where the image meets the paper mat. In some cases, there can be oxidation, heat damage, crackling of the image, or other deterioration between the sheets of glass. I try to make a note where there is unusual damage to the image (such as bleeding of the image, etc.) but please examine pictures carefully in case I missed something.

Paper Mat: Most slides have a paper mat between the sheets of glass. There may be small age-related shrinkage tears, fading, wrinkling, oxidation residue, or other damage to the mat.

Binding Tape: The tape holding the slide together may be loose, ripped, torn, damaged, brittle, or partially missing. The tape on these old slides can sometimes be so brittle than ANY handling will cause some of the tape to come off, so some of the tape visible in the pictures may not be there by the time the slide arrives at your door. I generally don\'t sell slides which are completely \"falling apart\"but if I did, I would document that. The tape may have been replaced or repaired over the years. In some cases, new tape may not stand up to the heat of certain projectors. Where any tape used in repairs was OBVIOUSLY inappropriate (such as common \"transparent\" tape or in a few cases even \"duct\" tape) I try to make a special note of that. Sometimes tape has been used to mask off areas of the slide. The tape that is used for masking purposes is especially subject to losing adhesion and falling off.

Size-Converted Slides: In some cases, US-sized slides (4\" X 3 1/4\") were ORIGINALLY British-sized slides (3 1/4\" X 3 1/4\") and have been converted by using a larger cover glass and adding filler glass or cardboard on the edges of the original image to make it work in a US-sized projector. This conversion was often done by the manufacturer or original seller - for example, a US seller of slides who purchased some of their slides from England. The conversion is often done so well (it is almost always hidden by the binding tape) that I don\'t notice it and so I don\'t always document it as a \"converted\" slide. If I do notice it, I will add the note \"size-converted slide\" to the condition description.

Dates, Titles & Labels: If there is a date/year in the title of this listing, it usually comes from the label on the slide and is probably the date of the item (such as artwork) pictured in the slide. It may not be the date the slide was actually created. I often can not fit the full title of the slide and other information in the listing. Please review all of the pictures and zoom in to get the full titles of the slide.I might also add information to the title which is NOT on the label, and any such information is MY BEST GUESS. Labels on slides are occasionally wrong, so please do your own verification if necessary. There may be writing, scribbles, or other marks on labels, and the labels may be torn, faded, starting to come off, or even missing. In some cases there may be a label on the reverse side which is not shown. The item details listed are just to help people find the slide and could be wrong.

Cardboard Frames: For slides which are framed in stapled cardboard (typically movie slides), there can be rust on the staples, slightly deteriorating cardboard, marks on the cardboard, etc. For slides framed in pressed cardboard, the cardboard can sometimes be separating or deteriorating.

Definition of Terms: In the item specifics, I typically identify a lantern slide as an \"original print\" - That is because it is a vintage slide and not a modern/recent reproduction. Some slides are photos of artworks, etc., so the slide is a reproduction of the artwork, but the slide itself is an original slide. That does not mean, however, the slide was made at the same time as the original artwork. I also call these slides \"magic\" lantern slides. Later slides were often just called \"lantern slides\" without the addition of the word \"magic.\" However, I use the term \"magic\" in the listings (especially the titles of the listings) because it is commonly used today to refer to (and search for) these types of slides.

Photos are hard to get perfect: The pictures for this listing were taken using a piece of tracing paperbetween the slide and the backlight I use. This USUALLY creates the best images, but the texture of the paper can be seen in the sky or other white areas in the image. It can alsoCREATE A FALSE SHADOW in some of the images. Look at the shadow cast by the paper mat in the photos, and that should give you a good idea of what other false shadows you might be seeing in the image. Sometimes, especially if the image is darker (or if I can\'t get itintofocus), I remove the paper between the slide and the backlight. In those cases, it almost always creates grid lines (which can appear WAVY) in the photos which are NOT in the original slide. ALSO modifies the quality of the photos uploaded. The photos are almost ALWAYS worse than the actual slides.

Color/Shading: The color or shading on the photos will not be a perfect match with the actual color or shading of the slide. The backlight I use is a LED screen (often filtered through paper). My front light (used to illuminate the labels on the slides) is a combination of fluorescent and incandescent lighting. Because my priority is the actual image and not the label, the front lighting is usually weaker than the back-lighting. This can make the labels appear more yellow or darker than they actually are. I ALSO occasionally play around with the exposure value on the camera to try to get a good picture, but that can change the relative brightness/darkness of the image versus the frame/label, etc.

Focus, Reflections & Mirror Images: The actual slide is usually more \"in focus\" than the pictures I take. The glass often catches reflections that are NOT in the actual slide (often a reflection of the camera or my t-shirt, etc). I usually take the pictures from the LABEL side of the slide, which is often the BACK side. This means the photos in the listing MIGHT be a mirror image of how the slide should look when it is projected.

I use inventory boxes to keep track of the slides that are for sale, but on a rare occasion I can not find a slide I have sold. If for some reason I can not find your order, I will refund your purchase price and cancel the order.

Inventory Code:GN-205

International Customers:Shipping options seem to change often. If you are buying more than one glass slide, please contact me BEFORE buying so I can figure out the best way to help you save on combined shipping

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