CHALCANTHITE specimen Blue Crystal Cluster Mineral ARIZONA w/ ID card For Sale

CHALCANTHITE specimen Blue Crystal Cluster Mineral ARIZONA w/ ID card

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CHALCANTHITE specimen Blue Crystal Cluster Mineral ARIZONA w/ ID card:

This listing is for a really fascinating chalcanthite specimen in a display jar,
including an info card about this mineral and the location this specimen came from.
This kit is great for avid mineral specimen collectors or beginners.
It would be a perfect gift set for getting someone interested in mineral collecting and science.
The 1 centimeter scale cube is for size comparison only. It is not included in the sale.
The photos are of several different specimens, but this listings is for one specimen with an info card.
The photos show multiple specimens to give a representation of the variety of shapes and colors in these specimens.I offer a shipping discount for customers who combine their payments for multiple purchases into one payment!
The discount is regular shipping price for the first item and just 50 cents for each additional item!
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If you are not 100% happy with your purchase just send me a message to let me know
and I will buy back the item for your full purchase price.Hi there. I am selling this really lovely chalcanthite mineral specimen. It is from Planet Mine in La Paz County, Arizona. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me. Have fun offerding, thanks so much for visiting my sale and have a great day!

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Category Sulfate minerals


(repeating unit) CuSO4·5H2O

Strunz classification 7.CB.20

Crystal system Triclinic

Crystal class Pinacoidal (1)

(same H-M symbol)

Space group P1

Unit cell a = 6.11 Å, b = 10.673 Å,

c = 5.95 Å; α = 97.58°,

β = 107.17°, γ = 77.55°; Z = 2


Color Berlin blue to sky-blue, greenish blue

Crystal habit Typically stalactitic, encrusted, reniform or massive. Natural crystals are rare, but are short prismatic or tabular

Twinning Rare as cruciform twins

Cleavage Perfect on {110}; interrupted on {110}

Fracture Conchoidal

Mohs scale hardness 2.5

Luster Vitreous

Streak White

Diaphaneity Transparent to translucent

Specific gravity 2.12 - 2.3

Optical properties Biaxial (-)

Refractive index nα = 1.514 nβ = 1.537 nγ = 1.543

Birefringence δ = 0.029

2V angle Measured: 56°

Solubility Soluble in water, turning it blue

Other characteristics Hazard T.svg Poisonous

References [1][2][3]

Chalcanthite, whose name derives from the Greek, chalkos and anthos, meaning copper flower, is a richly colored blue/green water-soluble sulfate mineral CuSO4·5H2O. It is commonly found in the late-stage oxidation zones of copper deposits. Due to its ready solubility, chalcanthite is more common in arid regions.

Chalcanthite is a pentahydrate and the most common member of a group of similar hydrated sulfates, the chalcanthite group. These other sulfates are identical in chemical composition to chalcanthite, with the exception of replacement of the copper ion by either manganese as jokokuite, iron as siderotil, or magnesium as pentahydrite.[4]

Other names include blue stone, blue vitriol, and copper vitriol.[2]


1 Uses of chalcanthite

2 Associated minerals

3 Notes for identification

4 See also

5 References

Uses of chalcanthite

Chalcanthite on limonite from Washington Camp, Santa Cruz County, Arizona (size: 5.5 x 2.9 x 1.5 cm)

As chalcanthite is a copper mineral, it can be used as an ore of copper. However, its ready solubility in water means that it tends to crystallize, dissolve, and recrystallize as crusts over any mine surface in more humid regions. Therefore, chalcanthite is only found in the most arid regions in sufficiently large quantities for use as an ore.

Secondarily, chalcanthite, due to its rich color and beautiful crystals, is a sought after collector's mineral. However, as with its viability as an ore, the solubility of the mineral causes significant problems. First, the mineral readily absorbs and releases its water content, which, over time, leads to a disintegration of the crystal structure, destroying even the finest specimens. It is critical to store specimens properly to limit exposure to humidity. Second, higher quality crystals can be easily grown synthetically, and, as such, there is a concern that disreputable mineral dealers would present a sample as natural when it is not.

Associated minerals

Given that chalcanthite is found in oxidized copper deposits, it is frequently found in association with other copper minerals. Frequently associated minerals include:

Calcite and its polymorph, aragonite, both CaCO3

Brochantite, Cu4(SO4)(OH)6

Chalcopyrite, CuFeS2

Malachite, Cu2(CO3)(OH)2

Melanterite, FeSO4 • 7H2O

Notes for identification

Chalcanthite's blue color is one of its most notable features, but it is insufficient in identification. Other useful tests include associated minerals, crystal habit, solubility and subsequent coloring of the water blue. Chalcanthite can also dye materials blue when dissolved in water, and has a peculiarly sweet and metallic taste, although consuming it can induce dangerous copper poisoning.

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