Brain/Skull Matted Hologram Picture, Collectible Polaroid Photopolymer Film For Sale

Brain/Skull Matted Hologram Picture, Collectible Polaroid Photopolymer Film
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Brain/Skull Matted Hologram Picture, Collectible Polaroid Photopolymer Film:

This hologram is also available
 in the following display options:


Brain/Skull 3D Framed Hologram


Brain/Skull 3D Desk Stand Hologram


Brain/Skull 3D Lighted Desk Stand Hologram


Brain/Skull Lighted Wall Display Hologram


For Best Photos & Video of This Hologram Image, See MATTED Variation

BRAIN / SKULL (CROSS SECTION OF HUMAN HEAD): Anatomy is the study of the structure and relationship between body parts. Physiology is the study of the function of body parts and the body as a whole. In our opinion, this is the finest commercial hologram ever created! This true 3D photopolymer type hologram of the brain in the skull cavity, with the second channel adding the musculature and eye. The models were anotomically correct (hand sculpted by the brilliant medical miatureist George Sivy), creating a truly striking hologram image! This image is a very bright and stunning hologram for it's size.

COLLECTIBLE WHITE LIGHT REFLECTION HOLOGRAM on PHOTOPOLYMER FILM CREATED AT THE POLAROID CORPORATIOIN IN CAMBRIDGE MA IN THE 1980’s and 1990s! A DEEP AND AMAZINGLY REALISTIC IMAGE FOR IT’S SMALL SIZE!! Polaroid was the first true mass producer of photopolymer holograms, they contracted expert model makers and holographers to create some of the best commercial reflection holograms of all time! Polaroid images are OUT OF PRODUCTION. Quantities are dwindling, some just a few left! Hence pricing is based on size and quality so prices increase dramatically as quantities dwindle, all are extremely good values for their quality! This image has both vertical and horizontal parallax (apparent motion in space), giving it a very deep and / or realistic appearance when viewed under the correct light.
This image is a Multi-Channel hologram, created by making multiple original holograms then adding them together in a secondary hologram mastering stage. Multi-Channel holograms are made by making more then one master (H1) hologram, and masking them together into one new master (H2+) hologram. The final hologram you see contains more then one complete hologram image, seen by changing the angle of replay (by the viewer or light moving).
  • BRAIN / SKULL (CROSS SECTION OF HUMAN HEAD): Anatomy is the study of the structure and relationship between body parts. Physiology is the study of the function of body parts and the body as a whole. Hologram Technique: MULTI-CHANNEL REFLECTION, Hologram Film Type: PHOTOPOLYMER, Hologram Size: 3" X 3", Matt and/or Frame Size: 5" X 7" and sold in a (Matted)
  • WE VALUE OUR CUSTOMERS - SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We want you to be happy with your purchase! If you receive this item and don’t LOVE it, please feel free to let us know and we’ll do our best to make it right for you. (Please see store terms and conditions for other specifics).
  • Holography is a Nobel award winning science come art, and is different from any other 3D medium, no glasses or special effects are required to see the spectacular dimension and realism. It is said that holograms trick light, not your eyes! It is impossible to convey the depth or amazing imagery in a hologram via pictures, as laser made holograms truly need to be seen to be believed! Our holograms are among the finest commercial holograms on the planet and at extremely great values!
  • We currently offer over a hundred different hologram images, most of which we make available in 5 display formats: Matted, Desk Stand, Framed, Lighted Desk Stand, and Lighted Wall Display. Our LIGHTED DESK OR WALL variations are plug and play, maximizing joy with an easy in to use display! Please choose from one of the variations above these bullet points for the product display type that best fits your needs.
  • Holograms are spectacular, extremely realistic & 3D, and require a quality light at the correct angle to be seen properly. DIRECT SUNLIGHT (not in shadow or haze) is ideal. Holograms also show beautifully under a halogen or single bulb LED. FOR EASIEST & BEST DISPLAY please choose one of our LIGHTED VARIATIONS (above). We designed these self-contained desk & wall displays with a BUILT IN LIGHT to best show off our (easily interchangeable) holograms, making superb gifts. Unbox, plug in, be awed!

Personal Bio on the Seller
I have been producing commercial holography for 30 years. One could say that I eat, drink and sleep holography and am known around the world as one of the foremost authorities regarding commercial applications for display type holograms. I also own one of the largest collections of fine and commercial art holograms, as well as a multitude of mass-production holograms of various types.
I was a licensed agent for Polaroid's holographic division from the mid 1980s to the time they closed in about 1997, at which time I purchased the bulk of their stock - some of which is for sale in my sales (and more to come). To this day, my main business is in holography related applications, including custom commercial photopolymer holograms.
The information stated in the descriptions is always accurate to the best of my knowledge (please let me now if you notice any inaccuracies).
The photopolymer holograms I offer in my sales are some of the finest examples of true 3D commercial (mass-produced) holograms in the world, and rare in that once the existing supply is exhausted, most will never be made again (as the masters were destroyed long ago). For the embossed type holograms I sell, the most expensive were replicated (embossed) on old hard embossing equipment in the USA and UK and will never be made again on that type equipment, where my lower cost listings are still good reproductions but not quite as bright and may have more imperfections as they were embossed on the compliant rollers of newer equipment (in this case, old school is better but an art that has dissapeared for lack of enough commercial call). 
Also, I own most (or, in some cases all) of the world's stock of the holograms that I offer. All packages are branded in our own trademark, as it is our packaging - though the original hologram masters were made at scores of different facilities around the globe. All these products I either licenced the repllication rights for or purchased from original manufacturers who are no longer in business.
I have a large inventory of holograms, so offering them for resale on the internet seems a good way to allow people interested in holograms to attain examples of high quality holograms at affordable prices. Art holograms (mainly on glass plates and often much larger) range in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars per piece.
Please contact me directly with any questions; or, let me know if you are seeking a particular hologram you have seen, as I may have (or know where to get) it.  Also please inquire if you are interested in wholesale or commercial applications of holography. I will respond to all requests in a timely manner. Thank you for considering my holograms and hologram products, and I hope you enjoy your purchases!Listing and template services provided by inkFrog

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Brain/Skull Matted Hologram Picture, Collectible Polaroid Photopolymer Film



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