Bloated Methane Termite with Methane Bubbles in Dominican Amber Fossil Gem For Sale

Bloated Methane Termite with Methane Bubbles in Dominican Amber Fossil Gem
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Bloated Methane Termite with Methane Bubbles in Dominican Amber Fossil Gem:

Talk about having gas! This is a fully polished, gem quality piece ofall-naturalauthentic Dominican amber from the mines in the Dominican Republic that contains a rare methane termite. The termite has methane bubbles attached and is bloated due to ancient methane expanding its body like a balloon.

The methane is due to ancient bacteria remaining alive in the termite's gut continuing to produce methane gas while breaking down wood the termite had consumed long after the termite had already died.

Geological studies have datedthe termite inside this amber fossil to be between 17 and 20 million years old.

The piece itself weighs 2.9 gramsand has approximate dimensions of 2.5 cm length,1.9 cm width, and0.6 cm height.NOTE: 2.5 cm is approximately 1 inch.
Please see my response. I have been selling amber fossils for over 15 years on anddo not sell fake amber only genuine material from now extinct plant sourcesnot glass or plastic embedded with present day inclusions.

This piece is genuine amber formed over millions of years of polymerization.

Pleasemouse over or click on imagesto see a larger view. I do combineitems to save on shipping costs.

Dominican fossil amber is known for the clarity of its inclusions including such things as insects, arachnids,and botanicals.

All amber I offer is authentic, non-treated material. Many of these specimens have been hand-sanded and polished by me. They have not been reconstituted nor are they plastic.

This amber is much more rare than the ever prevalent Baltic amber which originates from several countries and across Europe.

Dominican amber comes from one island source: the Dominican Republic which shares the island with Haitiand the supply is much smaller than that of Baltic amber which has been mined for centuries and now is mass mined as opposed to Dominican material which has been mined for only decades with picks and hammers by candlelight.

I will combine items for up to 7 days to save on shipping costs.

International Buyers: Please note that I ship using First Class Mail International.

A SPECIAL NOTE CONCERNING INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: Please understand that import duties, taxes and charges are NOT included in the selling price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer's responsibility.

Please check your country's customs office to determine what these additional charges may be prior to offerding/buying.

I cannot guarantee delivery of your item in a set amount of time. Different country's customs offices take longer to process items than others do.

Lastly, I do not mark merchandise values below their truevalue or mark items as "gifts." U.S. and International government regulations prohibit such behavior. Honesty is the best option.

I only sell genuine, all-natural, non-heat treated, reconstituted,or color enhanced amber.Please note that the majority of Dominican amber is NOT fossiliferous as this piece. Fossiliferous pieces have more value. This piece could be used as a specimen or in a piece of jewelry. Thank you for your consideration. This amber will ship worldwide. I will combine items to save onshipping for up to a7 day period and usually ship within a 24 hour period.

Please note that the saltwater test to identify real from fake amber is not reliable. The saltwater test claims that real amber will float in saltwater while fake amber will sink.
However, many amber sources or even specimens will not float in saltwater as their botanical (plant) composition as well as fossil inclusions are such that they are more dense than saltwater and so sink. I do not sell fake amber. My response should help demonstrate this.

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Bloated Methane Termite with Methane Bubbles in Dominican Amber Fossil Gem


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