Adjustable 0.1HZ-30KHZ 7.83Hz Schumann Wave Frequency Pulse Generator Multi-mode For Sale

Adjustable 0.1HZ-30KHZ 7.83Hz Schumann Wave Frequency Pulse Generator Multi-mode
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Adjustable 0.1HZ-30KHZ 7.83Hz Schumann Wave Frequency Pulse Generator Multi-mode:


Product parameter
Material: electronic components
Dimensions (length x width x height): about 113x91x23.5mm

Low frequency 7.83Hz
Voltage: DC5V
Current: 0.5A or more

packing list
1 x Schumann wave generator
1 x USB to DC005 cable
1 x shell (optional)
1 x installation accessory package


Specifications:Item Name: Pulse Generator
Material: PCB
Power Supply: +5V
Current: 0.1A
Pulse Square: 7.83Hz
Features: Pulse Generator, Safe, Durable, Stable
Size: 8cm x 5.3cm x 0.6cm/3.15" x 2.09" x 0.24" (Approx.)
USB Cable Length: 100cm/39.37" (Approx.)Packing list:
Schumann Wave Generator x 1
USB cable x 1C#Product parameters:
Product name: Schumann wave generator
Diameter of spiral disc: 82mm
Power supply: Type-C charging port
Resonant frequency: 7.8HZ (adjustable)Package include:
Module X1D#Product introduction
Schumann wave generator
Power supply voltage: 5V
1. Imported chip, frequency generation pulse width is more stable
2. Double-layer FR-4 1.2T-PCB board, PCB board quality is stable and more reliable
3. Increase the transmitting coil, enhanced 28-turn transmitting coil, increase the transmitting range
4. The board supports TYPE C (supports forward and reverse plugging) and USB Micro two power ports, so you do not need to look for different charging cable trouble
5. Original protection circuit, adding high-power TVS static protection tube, to prevent hand and air static damage to the chip.
6. Increase the PPTC self-restoring fuse to prevent a short circuit, completely cut off the power supply to the board, when the short circuit is lifted, the fuse automatically returns to normal, safer and more secure use.
7. Increase the power switch, dial the ON position to turn on the power, OFF position to turn off the power. This module for the NXW module and electronic module design two original design, please peer copying the acceptance of mercy!Shipping list
Module *1E#Specification:
Operating mode: Power
7.83Hz very low frequency electromagnetic wave: 0.3mW without any sound
Endurance: about 1 year
Product size: 16.5*13*3.5cm
Charging method: built-in 2000mA lithium battery, use the phone common Type-c interface charging (cell phone charger can be, the current is not limited)
Long red light: being charged
Long green light: full
Blue light flashing: transmitting status
Light off: shutdown / power exhaustion
Supply voltage: 5V1APackage List:
1x Schumann wave generator
1x Type-c power cableF#Product parameters:
Green standard model:
Circuit board size:15*15cm
Antenna waveform: sine wave
Interface waveform: sine wave + square wave + inverted square wave (the lower left corner is the output interface, waveform output at the same time)
Power supply interface: DC 5.5*2.1 interface
Power supply voltage: 5V
Rated power consumption:<1W
Default frequency: 7.83Hz
Adjustment range: 0.1Hz~30000Hz
Sine signal voltage amplitude:3V
Square wave signal voltage amplitude:5V
Change the frequency method.
Input the frequency directly, press the lower left key to complete the setting
For example, press [7][.] [8][3], then press [OK], it can be set to 7.83Hz default power-on output 7.83Hz, setting range 0.1~30KHzHow to use.
Take out the product with the USB cable, round hole end connection plugged into the circuit board, USB end plugged into a rechargeable battery or USB charging head or other USB powered devices can work how
Green adjustable models to change the frequency: directly enter the frequency, and then press "OK" to complete the settingsProduct list:
1*Schumann wave generator
1*USB cable

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