ATP Fluorescence Detector Handheld Bacteria Microorganism E.Coli Detection Meter For Sale

ATP Fluorescence Detector Handheld Bacteria Microorganism E.Coli Detection Meter

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ATP Fluorescence Detector Handheld Bacteria Microorganism E.Coli Detection Meter:

Description ATP Fluorescence Detector Handheld Bacteria Microorganism E. Coli Detection Meter Touch Operation

-The device is a new upgraded product with a large touch screen display instead of a traditional button.
-The operation uses a biochemical reaction method to detect ATP content. The ATP fluorescence detector is based on the principle of firefly luminescence, and uses the "luciferase-fluorescein system" to rapidly detect adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The ATP swab contains a reagent that can lyse the cell membrane, can release the intracellular ATP, react with the specific enzyme contained in the reagent to generate light, and then use a fluorometer to detect the luminescence value, and the amount of the microorganism is proportional to the luminescence value. Since all living cells contain a constant amount of ATP, the ATP content clearly indicates how much microorganisms and other organisms remain in the sample and is used to determine hygienic conditions.

Display: 3.5-inch high-precision graphic touch screen
Data content: RLU file name, record number, date, time, etc.
Processor: 32-bit high-speed data processing chip
Detection accuracy: 10-15~10-18 mol ATP
Coliform: 1-106 cfu
Detection range: 0 ~ 9999 RLUs
Startup self-test: 30 seconds (built-in self-calibration light source)
Detection time: 15 seconds
Detection of interference: ± 5% or ± 5 RLUs
Operating temperature range: 5 ℃ -40 ℃
Operating humidity range: 20-85%
ATP recovery rate: 90-110%
Detection mode: RLU, coliform screening
User ID settings: 50
Maximum number of results that can be set: 251

-With mini USB interface, can upload results to PC.
-Equipped with special software to drive U disk instead of traditional CD.
-Built-in calibration light source, automatic qualification.
-Built-in high-performance lithium battery (3AH), continuous working time of more than 12 hours, standby time of more than 300 hours. It can be equipped with solar charger, mobile phone charger, car charger.
-Widely used in various industries such as food, medical and health, medicine, daily chemical, papermaking, industrial water treatment, national defense, environmental protection, water administration, customs entry and exit quarantine and other law enforcement departments.

1. Practicality—The upper and lower limit values can be set according to the requirements of environmental testing, so that the data can be quickly evaluated and warned, and the surface cleanliness can be quickly screened.
2. High Sensitivity—10-15~10-18 mol.
3 .Fast Speed—The conventional cultivation method is more than 18-24h, while ATP only needs more than ten seconds.
4 .Feasibility—There is a clear correlation between the number of microorganisms and the ATP contained in the microorganisms. By detecting the ATP content, the number of microorganisms in the reaction can be indirectly obtained.
5. Operability—The traditional cultivation method needs to be operated by trained technicians in the laboratory; and the ATP rapid cleanliness detection operation is very simple, and the general staff can perform on-site operations with only simple training.
6. Better Experience—The test tube adopts a plug-in flexible design, which can be cleaned regularly for long-term use and prolong the life of the instrument.

Working Principle:
ATP content in living microorganisms is relatively constant.In this swab, ATP content is determined by detecting the luminescence value, thus determining the content of live microorganisms in the sample.The swab has two structures. The lower end of the connector of the surface swab is connected with a cotton swab. The cotton swab contains a bacterial lysate containing lytic bacteria and other microorganisms.The lower part of the connecting head of the water sample collector is connected with the pipet water sample collector, and the tube contains the bacteria lysate of lysed bacteria and other microorganisms.The swab head contains an enzyme reaction solution that emits light in response to ATP.The samples on the surface of the object are collected by cotton swabs or water sample collector to collect liquid samples. The samples interact with the bacteria lysate to release ATP in the microorganism, and then mix with the enzyme reaction fluid to produce reaction luminescence. The luminescence value can be read by the instrument.

Package Included:
1 x ATP Fluorescence Detector
1 x U Disk (including upper computer software)
1 x Aluminum Alloy Carrying Case
1 x Data Cable
1 x Warranty Card and Qualified Certificate
1 x Charging Block

Note: The swab is not included.

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