67th Fighter Squadron Patch – Plastic Backing For Sale

67th Fighter Squadron Patch – Plastic Backing
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67th Fighter Squadron Patch – Plastic Backing:

67th Fighter Squadron Patch - Plastic Backing

A 3.27*3.7" 67th Fighter Squadron Patch - Plastic Backing

The 67th Fighter Squadron "Fighting Cocks" is a fighter squadron of the United States Air Force, part of the 18th Operations Group at Kadena Air Base, Japan. The 67th is equipped with the F-15C/D Eagle.

The 67th Fighter Squadron is one of two McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle squadrons in the Asian-Western Pacific area of operations, supporting Pacific Command operational plans and headquarters-directed contingency operations.[3]

World War II

Continually active since January 1941, the 67th was activated as a single-engine fighter operational and replacement training unit as part of the 58th Pursuit Group. 67th Pursuit Squadron, nicknamed the "Fighting Cocks," stationed at Harding Army Airfield in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and was equipped with just a few obsolete Seversky P-35 fighters. On January 23 1942, the Fighting Cocks embarked from Brooklyn, New York, for New Caledonia aboard the Army transport ship Thomas A. Barry. Another freighter carried 45 disassembled and crated P-400 aircraft and 2 P-39Fs. May 1,1942 the Air Corps reorganized as the United States Army Air Forces. The 67th was renamed the 67th Fighter Squadron. August 21,the 67th Fighter Squadron, with five P-39/P-400 aircraft, joined Marine and Navy squadrons on Guadalcanal. Due to the limitations of the Aircraft the role of the 67th was limited to ground support and strafing Japanese positions. The Airacobra was very well suited to this role as exhibited during the Japanese assault of September 14, after which, General Vandegrift remarked, "You won't read about this in the newspapers, but you and your flight of P-400s just saved Guadalcanal. Later that year the 67th was resupplied with new model P-39 Airacobras, fitted with proper oxygen systems. The 67 was moved to Kila KiIa Air Field in New Guinea in May 1943. Designated the 67 Fighter Squadron, Two Engine, on 24 May 1944 and equipped with P-38 aircraft.[1]

Deployed to South Pacific Area, 1943, being assigned to the 347th Fighter Group, Thirteenth Air Force. Began combat operations in February 1944, providing protection for U.S. bases and escorting transports initially, then escorting bombers over New Guinea and sea convoys to Admiralty Islands. From Noemfoor, bombed and strafed Japanese airfields and installations on Ceram, Halmahera, and the Kai Islands.

Moved to the Philippines in November, flew fighter sweeps against enemy airfields, supported U.S. ground forces, and protected sea convoys and transport routes. Beginning in July 1945, attacked railways, airfields, and enemy installations in Korea and Kyushu, Japan from Okinawa.

After V-J Day, flew reconnaissance missions over Japan. Moved without personnel or equipment to the Philippines in December, aircraft sent to depots in the Philippines. Became part of the defense forces of Far East Air Forces in the postwar years at Clark Field, being deployed to Okinawa in 1949.

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67th Fighter Squadron Patch – Plastic Backing


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