1970 Schwinn 5-Speed Apple Krate Stingray Bicyle With Many Add On Accessories For Sale

1970 Schwinn 5-Speed Apple Krate Stingray Bicyle With Many Add On Accessories
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1970 Schwinn 5-Speed Apple Krate Stingray Bicyle With Many Add On Accessories:

Hello, everyone.

Before I begin here, I would like to remind you that Spring is now just around the corner. So if you are looking for that one special gift for that one special person, then look no further than what I am offering here today. You know, the kind of gift that will excite him, enthrall him, and even captivate him beyond belief. Please read on if you want to know more about what I am talking about here....

Folks, what I am selling here today is one of the most amazing bicycles ever created by the minds of men. It is a type of bicycle that is so spellbinding and so mesmerizing that nothing even compares to it. What I have here is this very fine and bodacious looking 1970 Schwinn 5 speed Apple Krate bicycle. Wow! As you can see in the photos this bicycle looks amazing. I would say on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being totally blah and a 10 being extremely nice, I would rate this bicycle as being an 9.0. As the pictures show there is very little rust on this American made beauty. The paint looks decent, the wheels look awesome and most of the chrome on it is in great shape.

To begin here, I need to first paint a picture for you so you can get a gist of what I am selling here today. Imagine your son, your grandson, your great grandson, your nephew, or that special boy you just have great admiration for, is riding this bicycle down the street with a big smile spread across his face. The wind is blowing past his body as he proudly pedals this awesome bicycle closer and closer to his destination. Then envision him wearing his Little League baseball uniform with his cherished Babe Ruth baseball bat and mitt nestled just behind him as he pedals this bicycle down the street. Then finally, imagine him arriving at his local baseball field where all of his team mates are staring at him with envious eyes because of this incredible bicycle he is riding on. Well, this is exactly what’s going to happen if you purchase this bicycle for yourself or for one of your loved ones. I guarantee it will be the most awesome looking bicycle in your neighborhood and maybe even in your whole community, hands down. With that being said, let me now begin the storyline for this most incredible bicycle….

To start off I need to ask you a simple question first. Are you looking for and wanting to buy one of the most amazing bicycles ever created by the famous Schwinn Bicycle Company? Well, if you are then look no further than what I am offering here today. I have an incredible and totally decked out 1970 Schwinn 5-speed Apple Krate Stingray bicycle. Wow!

I know what you are thinking right now after reading that. You’re thinking, “What, another 1970 Schwinn 5-speed Apple Krate bicycle for sale? They all look alike. They’re a dime a dozen.” Well, I would be first one to agree with you that most Schwinn 5-speed Apple Krate bicycles do look alike in so many ways. But once you start looking at my bicycle you will see mine is different. My 1970 Schwinn Apple Krate 5-speed bicycle stands out more than the rest of them. If you want to know why mine stands out more than theirs, then please read on….

Please zoom in with your smart phone or computer and look closely at the pictures I have provided here. You will see this bicycle really is a superb work of art. When the talented engineers of Schwinn came up with the Krate concept, they were literally years ahead of their time. First came the Orange and Apple Krates in 1968.  When many the young boys in the USA saw for the first time these Krate bicycles being displayed in the windows of their local Schwinn dealerships, their mouths salivated with envy and they begged and even cried to their parents to get one of these bicycles for them. I should know because I was one of those envious kids back then.

Let’s start off here with the frame. It is an original Schwinn Apple Krate frame. The I.D. number on the frame is AFxxxxxx. That means it was made in January of 1970 at the now defunct Schwinn Bicycle Company in Chicago, Illinois. It is painted with the original flamboyant red paint and it is in relatively good condition for its age. It does, however, show signs of wear and tear on it with several areas of missing paint. I would estimate that less than 5% of the total surface area on the frame is missing paint due to a number of chip or scrape marks on it.

If you look at the head of the frame, you will see the Schwinn head badge. As you can see this head badge is different from the other head badges that would normally go there. Instead of this head badge being white with black lettering, this one was professionally painted flamboyant red with chrome lettering. Wow! This, in itself, will attract a lot of attention and this technique is unique and only to this bicycle.

The forks and springer assembly on this bicycle are in great shape for its age. There is very little to no rust on most of this fork assembly.

What do you think of the Atom drum brake wheel that is attached to the front forks? It’s original of course and it is in great shape as the pictures show. It spins straight and true like it should. The chromed rim is in fantastic shape and it has the Tubular stampings on it, too. The brake assembly on this wheel can still stop like it should.

I have placed a new 16 x 1.95 inch tire on this front wheel. You have to admit the red line on each side of the tire does add some pizzazz to this wheel and tire combo. You will not find this on very many 1970 Schwinn five-speed Apple Krate bicycles, but you will find it here on this one.

Now let’s move over to the awesome 20 inch rear wheel. As you can see it is the original chrome rim and it is stamped with the words Schwinn Tubular S2 on it. It also has the coveted double knurl that goes around the inner side of the rim. This is a must to have for all those diehard Schwinn Krate lovers out there who demand to have this type of authenticity on their bicycle wheels. The center hub is also stamped Schwinn Approved Made in France 2-70. It also has the customary Schwinn Approved 5 speed freewheel and a complete set of original spokes and nipples. The original shiny spoke protector is in fantastic condition.

Now turn your undivided attention to the nice Weinmann 1080 brake caliper located just above the rear wheel. As you can see it is in fantastic shape. It is clean, it is polished, and it is complete. It is the little things like this that add beauty and depth to an already phenomenal bicycle.

The grey color brake cables and the 5 speed shifter cable are new. They will give you many years of use and they look great with the bike.

The crank and sprocket are original and the crank has the 70-year date embossed on it. Both are incredibly nice and shiny with very little to no rust on them at all. Who would believe they both are now 52 years old.

The pedals are in great shape. I do not know if they are the original ones that came with his bicycle or not. But I do know they are a nice set of original early 70s Schwinn Approved made in Germany pedals.

Now take a gander at the 5-speed shifter. It is an original 1970 shifter and the decals look very impressive on it. There is very little rust on this baby and it has been taken very good care of throughout its life.

The handle bars and the goose neck stem are the original ones that came with this bicycle. The handlebars has the 70 year stamped on it as does the stem. They both are nice and shiny with very little damage to them. The handlebars do, however, have the typical scrape marks in the obvious areas where the original boy owner laid the bicycle down on the street or the sidewalk so he could play with his friends. Still it is in good condition.

The Schwinn Approved Apple Krate handlebar grips are original and are in great condition. They add to the beauty and finesse to this most incredible bicycle.

The Schwinn banana seat is a newer reproduction and it looks similar to the original banana seat that was made for the 1970 Apple Krate bicycles. The white stripes and circled “S” will let everyone know you are the proud owner of one of the most awesome bicycles ever created by the Schwinn Bicycle Company.

The rear red reflector underneath the seat is used. The metal on the backside of it shines okay and the red reflector looks great especially when light shines on it in the darkness.

Let’s move on to the sissy bar now. The sissy bar, along with its bouncy shock absorbers, is new. They are better than the originals because the originals had a dull finish to the shock absorber casings, but not this one. The casings on this one shines like mirrors and it is guaranteed to attract attention from every spectator staring at it.

The chain is new and it adds pizazz and glamour to the overall appearance of the bike.

The chain guard is an original early 70s chain guard that came off a different Schwinn bicycle. The flamboyant red color paint looks similar to the paint on the frame. It looks very nice on the bicycle.

The rear Schwinn Gripper Slik tire is new and is in great shape. It will last for many years to come. The manufactured red ring on each side of the tire matches the frame nearly perfectly and it adds that extra touch that is needed to make this bicycle even more awesome.

The back fender is used, but is in good condition. It shines very nicely in the sunlight as the pictures show.

The derailleur is the original Schwinn derailleur and it is in good shape. It works like it should and it does shift through all five gears on the rear wheel with no problem. If you are looking for a decent derailleur, then look no further than here.


Now let’s move to the components I have added to this awesome bicycle. Most young boys of yesteryear had always wanted the so-called “bells and whistles” added to their Krates, their Stingrays, and their muscle bicycles, but unfortunately they could not afford to have them. Most of them had to deal with the plain standard package the sales person from Schwinn offered their parents from the show room floor. But once in a while you would see a young boy riding his bicycle proudly down the street with one or more of these “bells and whistles” on it. Lucky for you, I have added these missing “bells and whistles” to this timeless classic and here they are….

Let’s start with the chrome bugle horn. It is new and it works perfect. With just one quick squeeze on the horn bulb, it will make everyone in front of you move out of your way. It is very powerful and it can be heard up to a half a mile away or more.

How about the nice glowing reddish orange streamers I have on the bike? They are nice and every kid I have ever known back then (back in the 60s and 70s that is), had always wanted colorful streamers dangling down from their hand grips on their bicycles. Now this bicycle has them and so will you.

Now turn your attention to the awesome Schwinn Approved Apple Krate brake lever covers. These are NOS and they are in perfect condition. These types of covers are selling for $100 or more on alone.

What do think of the raccoon tail attached to the rear sissybar? It is real of course and you do not find these very often on other Krate bicycles. It goes perfect with the color theme of this bicycle.

And then there is the new imported dark brown leather tool bag attached to the rear of the sissy bar. Now you can ride this bicycle down the street in style and carry all your small cherished items inside this bag. It is guaranteed to attract a lot of attention.

What do you think of the reddish Schwinn Apple Krate security cable attached to the center seat post bracket? It is new of course and boy does it go perfect with the color theme of this bicycle. You do not find this on very many Schwinn Apple Krate bicycles, but you will find it here on this one.

Let’s move on to the chrome baseball bat holder. It is new and it will hold a baseball bat sturdy and in place as this bicycle is being ridden down the street.

The baseball bat holder would not be complete unless it has a baseball bat that goes with it. The baseball bat I am including with this sale is a genuine Louisville Slugger baseball bat. Wow! Its age is decades old and it has George Babe Ruth’s signature name on it. This bat, in itself, is worth $250 and maybe more.

What do you think of the the Spalding baseball mitt? As you can see, this mitt has been used abundantly throughout the years, but it is still in great condition. It also dates back decades ago and it also has Babe Ruth”s signatured name on it. This mitt in itself is worth $100 and maybe even more.

Next to the rear reflector you will see this bicycle also has two, yes two, rear LED blinking lights on it. With just a push of a button, you can now have red LED taillights that either stay on or you can have rapid red lights blinking off and on like a disco strobe light.. This is another new concept of mine and and you will not find this on very many Schwinn Krate Stingray bicycles. You will, however, find it on this one here.

Let’s move over to the two red checker flag valve stem caps that are on the two wheels. They are new and they are guaranteed to attract a lot of attention from other people.

What do you think of the chrome headlight that is on the front of this bicycle? It is new of course and boy is it bright. The LED lights shine in the darkness with no problem. It’s little things like this that adds authenticity and beauty to these classic Schwinn Krate bicycles.

I feel a classic Schwinn bicycle is not officially a classic Schwinn bicycle unless it has a Schwinn Approved speedometer on it. This bicycle has one and it also includes an original speedometer cable and an original Schwinn Approved driver. Now you can see how fast you are going down the street. And yes they all work like a champ.

I have also included a new red and white checkerboard rearview mirror with this bicycle. This mirror is in fantastic condition as the pictures show. It is a must have for those diehard Krate lovers out there who want everything on their classic bicycles. It brings out the beauty and elegance to this timeless masterpiece. It literally is the Schwinn icing on the cake to this most incredible deal.

And then there is the awesome Apple Krate water bottle attached to the center seat post. Out of all the Schwinn Krate bicycles I have seen being sold on , I have never seen one of these on a Krate bicycle before. This one has it, and so will you.

As you can see, folks, I am a good story teller here. I like to describe each component as best I can and sometimes I put humor with it. I do my very best to tell it like it is and try not use sugar coating and deception in trying to sell my products. I believe in the old adage… Honesty is the best policy.

If I have left anything out of my description here, then that probably means these unsaid parts are part of the original bike. There is very little rust on this bicycle and it is ready to be ridden by one of your loved one or it can be setup in your man cave so you can do some serious show and tell with your family or friends or you can display it at one of your local bicycle shows. The world is literally your oyster.

Well, folks, this pretty much sums it up with what goes with this awesome bike. The ball is now in your court. You now have the opportunity of buying one of the most incredible bicycles ever created by the Schwinn Bicycle Company. You can use your recent tax refund money or your savings to purchase this bodacious bicycle for either yourself, your son, your grandson or for whomever you want to give it to.  Let him enjoy the fun, the thrills and the ultimate excitement of owning one of these classic bicycles just like we enjoyed when we were youngsters.

With that being said, you must understand that most of the components in and on this bicycle are now 52 years old, so please do not expect this bicycle to function and ride like a brand-new bicycle because it doesn’t. But it sure is darn close to it.

Because much of this bicycle is 52 years old, it is being sold As Is. There is no warranty or guarantee given or implied here. What you see is what you’ll get. So please make sure this is what you want before you purchase.

The shipping charge is set at $185. I will ship this bicycle via FedEx and I will only ship it to the lower 48 states in the Continental United States. There will be no International shipping.

Thanks for looking at my awesome 1970 Schwinn 5-speed Apple Krate Stingray bicycle and God Bless America.

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