15" Hand Carved Mahogany Wood Young Dumbledore Magic Wizards Wand w/ Velvet Bag For Sale


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15" Hand Carved Mahogany Wood Young Dumbledore Magic Wizards Wand w/ Velvet Bag:

15" Hand Carved Mahogany Wood Young Dumbledore Magic Wizards Wand w/ Velvet Bag

Each wand is individually hand turned, carved, and finished from a single piece of reclaimed wood using a manual wood lathe and carving knives.

This listing is for a hand turned and carved Cuban Mahogany wood magic wand and includes a free velvet cloth wand storage bag and a scroll with the wand properties. The wand design is inspired by the original concept wand of young Albus Dumbledore in the Fantastic Beasts and where to find them movie. The wand measures between 15 inches in over all length with an approximate 9 3/4 inch tapered carved shaft, 5 1/4 inch carved handle, with an approximate 3/4 inch diameter at the widest point, the pictured wand is finished with natural beeswax and the wand includes a velvet cloth storage bag.

Wand Properties:

Mahogany (Cuban)

Wood Origin: Southern Florida and the Caribbean

Gender Association: Masculine, Feminine

Planetary Association: Earth, Moon, Mercury, Mars

Elemental Association: Primary: Earth Secondary: Fire

Magical properties: This mahogany is an interesting wood mainly because it is very specialized, while containing many of the same characteristics as Honduran mahogany, this mahogany is more feminine. This wood is very focused on fertility, growing. It has a very powerful bond with the Earth, and will channel Earth energy better than any other. Secondary to fertility, this wood has other uses as well. Enhancing intuition, strengthening bonds with blood relatives, and exploring and clarifying goals are all possible uses for Mahogany. This wood would not be good for divination.

Please Note: All of my wood magic wands are hand turned, carved, and finished. Each wand is carefully crafted to enhance the appeal of the natural wood grain and to maintain the balance of the wands energy.
This listing is for a single hand turned, carved, and finished wand, and each wand has it's own unique appearance. This listing includes a single wand, a velvet cloth storage bag to protect the wand from dust, dirt, and any unwanted energies, a scroll with your wands properties, and the shipping tube can be used for durable long term storage. Stands, display and storage boxes, and leather holsters are sold separately.
Buy with confidence, you receive free shipping on all domestic shipping addresses and a 30 day return/exchange period with free return shipping if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.

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