1 pair (two eye guards) WWII U.S. Navy & Marine Bausch & Lomb 7 X 50 eyeguards For Sale

1 pair (two eye guards) WWII U.S. Navy & Marine Bausch & Lomb 7 X 50 eyeguards

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1 pair (two eye guards) WWII U.S. Navy & Marine Bausch & Lomb 7 X 50 eyeguards :


If you order more than one pair of these eye guards please ask them for combined shipping to reduce shipping cost.

If you are a seller in Europe or in the Far East and wish to sell our listed binocular items due to the unreasonable shipping costs from the U.S. By emailing us through .com, we may be able to come to some kind of arrangement where I can supply you with items you see in our listing at asubstantial discount whereby you may resell and make a profit and still provide a means forinternational buyersto get a fair discount, Please e-mail us if you are interested. All transactions and communications would require us to go through .com.

NOTE; Please read if you are orderinfor a Mark 1 Model 0. If you are ordering for a U.S. Navy Mark 1 model 0 and it was issues prior to 1942 this pair eye guardsmay not fit. Please make sure your ring adapter measures 30.3 mm O.D or a eye guard that you may have must measure 30.3 mm inside barrel threaded diameter. If it does not DO NOT ORDER.

PLEASE see picture # 3. It is the most important part that you must measure on you binoculars. The micrometer is measuring the adapter which measuresmeasures 30.3mm. This is what your adapter must measure with a variance of .03 mm. If it does not match DO NOT BUY THIS ITEM. We cannot be held responsible for a non-fit


A slight revision is needed to clear up a difference. The early model Navy / Marine 7 X 50 Bausch & Lomb binoculars had eye guards made of a rubber compound. The ones we have in stock are not vintage from that period and they are made of plastic. They are exactly the same size and shape. Please note this prior to ordering. We are not reponsible if you order a plastic eye guard and expect to find a rubber one.

GET APair of

Eyeguards for

US Navy & MarineMilitary Bausch & Lomb 7 x 50 Binoculars (and many other models)


Apparently the has been some cunfusion as to the number and difference of the eyeguards photographed. Thephotograph was taken with two 7 x 50 eyeguards so that you may view the piece from the frontside and the backside. One pair isthe unit of measure for this posting.

Please note in this listing we have one photograph of two identical eyeguards. The reason for doing so is that the viewer may look at both sides of the item. This listing is for (2) or two eyeguards.

Theses eyeguards are in the finest condition!!!

The photographs show the condition as well as one pair Bausch & Lomb 7 X 50 pair of binoculars it was designed for and two of the stock eye guards attached to it.

The main pair of binoculars these were designed to be used for was the B/L Navy and Marines 7 x 50 binoculars. There were many variations to this binocular that served in all of the US armed forces. There are eye guards that will fit many of the others but you need to check the measurements of the eyepieces so that the adapter measures 30.3 mm . With the threads the eye guard I.D. measures 30.3 mm in diameter. Without the threads the I.D. is 31.00 mm. The iris I.D. is 23 mm and the outside dimensions are 34 mm top and 35 mm lower.This would make the spline length .35 mm.Sorry with all the past confusion, even my suppliers were giving methe wrong dimensions.

The measurements for the eye guard are a 23mm eye opening, 31 mm non-thread I.D. opening, a 34 mm outer diameter (upper)and the thread depth is 9mm. Make sure you measure all required measurements on your binoculars.

For example, this will fit the U.S. Navy's Mark 1 Model 1, and the Mark 1 Model 2.and the Mark 28and many more.It should fit versions of the U.S. Navy's 7 X 60 which were actually modified by the U.S. Navy.

The best way to tell for sure is to measure the optical eyepiece with a micrometer. On the M7 B/L model place themicrometer on the splined area of the adapter. If it measures 30.3mm with threads it will fit.If your adapter does not measure 30.3 mm with a variance of +.07or more. THEN DO NOT ORDER.

Does not fit Mark 33 7 X 50 and Mark 30 mod 0 binoculars Does not fit Spencer Buffalo to.

If you do not have a micrometer to measure the adapter you may want to borrow one to measure the adapter On the B & L M7 7 X 50 the very top of the adapterwill measure 30.3 mm.This will help a great deal if you do not have the same model of binoculars to determine if this eyeguard will fit.

Again, this part fits many different binoculars made during the WWII era. So if you have any doubts, please measure the al of the important diameters diameters of the binoculars in question.

We do allow for returns. You will be responsible for shipping charges. There is a restocking fee of 15%.

International customer: Please do not pay for the order immediately. Allow us to correct the mail costs prior to payment. We will then invoice you with the correct total amount due for the order. Thank you !!! We also urge you to contact and have them automate the Global Shipping Program process with computer programs which can save you moeny and allow us to post snd sell more items.

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