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"The Discovery of Genesis" Chinese Letters Noah Watchtower Research Jehovah IBSA:

Here is a fascinating book "The Discovery of Genesis How the Truths of Genesis Were Found Hidden in the Chinese Language" Kang, Nelson 1979 [139 pages] that shows how the descendants of the Tower of Babel who traveled to China developed a writing system that incorporated characters that are actually from the Jewish/Christian BIBLE!!! It shows just as one example that the word boat in Chinese characters is made up of three parts as "vessel", "eight" and "mouth" or persons. In other words Noah's Ark and the eight survivors! Here is a quote from the 8/8 1984 Awake magazine pg. 22 :
"There are, however, some words that appear to have the most unusual stories behind them, stories that seem totally unrelated to the common, everyday experience. Take, for instance, the character for “ship.” This is surely not a particularly complicated idea to express. Yet, surprisingly, the character is quite complex. It is made up of three simple characters:VESSEL + EIGHT + MOUTH = SHIP [Artwork—Chinese characters]The third part, “mouth,” is a very common character that can also mean “people,” much as it does in the English expression “another mouth to feed.” So the character for “ship” is derived from the idea of “eight persons in a vessel.” Curious, is it not? Where did such an idea come from?Consider another example. The character for “greed” or “greedy” is written with two “tree” characters above the character for “woman” or “female.”TREE + TREE + WOMAN = GREED [Artwork—Chinese characters]The top part of the word, two trees side by side, is itself the character for “forest.” Nevertheless, pictorially, the entire character seems to represent a woman in front of, or perhaps looking up to, two trees. Why would the idea of “greed” be represented this way?Many other characters can be analyzed with similar results. They tell fascinating stories that appear to be totally unrelated to the common, daily experiences of the people. They seem to reveal a background or source of ideas quite different from what most people, especially the Chinese themselves, would consider typical. Where did such ideas come from?A Possible Connection?If you are at all acquainted with the Bible, you might have noticed something familiar in the story behind the character for “ship.” Do you not agree that there is a striking resemblance to the Bible account about Noah and his family, a total of eight persons, surviving the Flood in the ark?—Genesis 7:1-24.What about the idea behind the character for “greed”? Well, you may recall the Bible’s description of the garden of Eden, in which two trees were mentioned specifically by name: “The tree of life in the middle of the garden and the tree of the knowledge of good and bad.” (Genesis 2:9) Was it not Eve’s inordinate desire for the fruit of one of those trees that eventually led to mankind’s downfall?Are these mere coincidences, or is there more to it? In a book entitled Discovery of Genesis, the coauthors, C. H. Kang and Ethel R. Nelson, analyzed dozens of ideographic Chinese characters, including the two mentioned above, and observed that “the characters when broken down into component parts time and again reflect elements of the story of God and man recorded in the early chapters of Genesis.”However, you may wonder, what connection could there possibly be between the Bible and ancient Chinese writing? In fact, it would seem difficult to think of anything that could be farther removed from the Bible than the language of the mysterious Orientals. But an objective consideration and comparison of what is recorded in the Bible and what is known from established history will help us to see that such a tie is not unreasonable."
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To All Collectors of Watchtower Publications and Research Related Watchtower Books :

Welcome to our bookstore: "Watchtower Historical Bibles/Items and Research Publications"

When searching and you type in "Watchtower" you get nearly 5,000 results, some of which have no connection at all with the Watchtower Society, but many do. Since the "Proclaimers" book came out in 1995 the desire toacquire Watchtower memorabilia and have a personal library or museum of Watchtower items has grown. The Watchtower Society itself now has an archive department known as"Writing Archives"which was established by the Writing Committee of the Governing Body to preserve our rich theocratic history. Many of the hundreds of items I offer on are reproductions from the original items which have been donated to the archive department.

We offer here on hundreds of historical Bibles both original and as facsimiles such as the Gutenberg Bible, Tyndale and about 250 others. We also offer many original Bible leafs that are also hundreds of years old. We offer many museum replicas and facsimiles of Biblical artifacts and many other things of interest to Jehovah's Witnesses and others interested in Biblical historical artifacts such as those related to the Divine Name "Jehovah" going back thousands of years. We also have many of the books quoted by the Watchtower Society and hundreds of photos and reproductions of hundreds of Watchtower memorabilia from the 19th to early 20th Centuries such as the Photo-Drama of Creation items. We have items such as the Dead Sea Scrolls now on display in the Bible History exhibit as mentioned at the 2013 Annual Meeting. Many people are interested in copying to the best of their ability the Bethel Library including the thousands of books referred to and quoted from in the many publications of the Watchtower Society for research. We have books dealing with the following topics: Hundreds of Bible Translations, Biblical Reference Books, Early Christianity, History, Science, Pagan Origins, Archaeology, Jehovah's Witnesses,Holocaust, Books related to prophecy about 1914, Books by or about Jehovah's Witnesses, Blood transfusion alternatives, religious terrorism and many other subjects. If you type"Watchtower research"in the search box here on,you will get a good listing of those books that the Watchtower has quoted from throughout the years. If you are one of Jehovah's Witnesses, I encourage you to donate theocratic historical items if you can and if you are not a Witness, then I encourage you to continue to search God's Word the Bible and related publications to guide and aid you in your search for Jehovah God your Creator.

According to our Scriptural conscience and Biblical principle to receive free and give free no recent new publications are ever sold here on which you may get for free at a Kingdom Hall. Any profits are donated to the World wide work of Jehovah's Witnesses.

"This means everlasting lifetheir coming to know you, the only true God, and of the one whom you sent, Jesus Christ" John 17:3

"And this good news of the Kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come" Matt. 24:14. {New World Translation 2013 Edition}.

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