✅PULSE OXIMETER w/2 AAA BATTERIES-or either alone-Blood Oxygen Saturation Finger For Sale

✅PULSE OXIMETER w/2 AAA BATTERIES-or either alone-Blood Oxygen Saturation Finger

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✅PULSE OXIMETER w/2 AAA BATTERIES-or either alone-Blood Oxygen Saturation Finger:

We are a USA Seller. For our crazy low price, now every home can have one of these. We bought a huge supply and got a steep discount and are passing on our savings to you! We offer FREE Worldwide Shipping.

NOTE: We have THREE different options for you to choose from in this listing:

1. Two AAA batteries only

2. Pulse Oximeter with NO BATTERIES included (save if you have your own 2 batteries)

3. Pulse Oximeter with 2 AAA batteries included (ONLY a tiny bit more for the two batteries to be included, may just be cheaper than you can get your own batteries for!)

Helpful Tip with those with thick fingernails or nail polish on them: this is good for ANY pulse oximeter. If you don't get a reading at first, flip the pulse oximeter upside down and take a reading from the underside of your finger.

Be Patient, can take up to 30 seconds for a reading, but most often for most people it takes only a few seconds.

If you do not slide your finger completely in and keep it still, the measurement may be inaccurate.

If you find it coming on OK, but then turning off for no reason, try replacing the batteries. That is usually a sign that it is time to change the batteries.

IMPORTANT: when putting in the batteries, as with most small pulse oximeters of this size, to save space they have an unusual battery placement in the battery compartment, note ONE battery goes with the + against the spring, or it will NOT turn on. See battery diagram when you open the battery compartment.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to peel off the protective film over the screen or it WILL be blurry! 😃

A fingertip pulse oximeter for personal use. Get your blood oxygen concentration level and pulse in under 10 seconds.

Monitoring your pulse rate and the blood oxygen levels in your body is a procedure that's essential to tracking your overall health and well-being. Rather than traveling to a clinic to get checked every time, simply pop this Pulse Oximeter on your finger for an accurate reading immediately.


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