Scientific Curiosities

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Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius

A collection of 28 build-it yourself projects - all of them fun, easy and inexpensive to make at home and, best of all, seriously exciting and impressive!

Bug Catcher

Get them before they get us. This kit has everything needed to create an heirloom quality insect overlord collection.

Live Frog Habitat

Underneath a clear plastic dome you'll find "Croaky's Surf Shop" - complete with a palm tree, surfboard and beach umbrella.

Forensic Reconstruction Kit

Join the CSI team to uncover the victim's identity and help solve the crime.

Saturn V Rocket

This 1/144th scale Ultimate Saturn V Rocket separates into eight sections and stands nearly three feet tall!

Spinosaurus Wooden 3 D Puzzle

Build your own Spinosaurus.

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