Scientific Curiosities

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Monitor Rear View Mirror

An early warning system to alert you when when your boss suddenly appears. We're not sure why it has "CHIMP" written on it, but hey, we don't mind monkey stuff.

Abusive Stamps

Perfect for providing commentary on student papers or memos. Stamps include:
I haven't got time to read this CRAP
Staple this to your FACE
Confidential - read this and I'll have to kill you
Complete and Utter BULLSH*T


Polaris Telescope

A great beginner telescope incorporating advanced industrial design yielding a striking, ultra-modern appearance.

Roller Coaster Physics

The Roller Coater Physics Set brings tether concepts, projectile motion, speed, friction, centripetal force and conservation of energy to life.

500-in-1 Electronics Kit

Build 500 projects including memory backups, car horn imitators, LED counters, ramp wave generators, you name it.

Antoid Robot Kit

An educational robot that requires only basic hand tools to build.

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