Scientific Curiosities

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Mars Revealed Poster

A double-sided chart full of colorful pictures and intriguing facts about Mars.

Earth Nightfall Poster

An amazing laminated poster of the Earth as night falls.

Mechanical Torch

No batteries required for this LED torch. Simply squeeze it to charge it up.


Help strangers increase their IQ with this handy gadget. Turns off virtually any television.


From our friends at the Swedish Department of Defense, FireSteel makes a shower of 3,000& #176;C sparks that'll make fire building in any weather easy (works when wet).

Dynaflex Powerball Neon Gyroscope

The most powerful hand gyroscope available, crank it up to 15,000 RPM. Perfect for demonstrating physics properties (centripetal force, etc.) Also helps you avoid carpal tunnel syndrome!

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