Science News 2000

Here's a list of all the news articles that appeared on Science a GoGo in 2000.

28 December 2000

Quantum Cryptography Hurdle Cleared

Researchers have built a device from which the emission of a single photon (particle of light) can be repeatedly detected. This ability prepares the way for a whole new approach to communicating information...

21 December 2000

Top 10 Developments For 2000

The editors at the international journal, Science, have compiled their list of the Top 10 scientific developments for the year 2000, placing genome sequencing first on the list...

17 December 2000

Ozone Recovery - Not Yet

Scientists expect that recovery of the Arctic ozone layer may be slower than previously expected because of unusually low stratospheric temperatures...

11 December 2000

New Transistor Heralds Nano-Electronics

Moore's Law could be kept on track until 2025 using new double-gate transistors only 10 nanometres in size...

4 December 2000

Rocks On Mars Suggest Ancient Lakes

Layered geologic outcrops on Mars may be composed of sedimentary rock that dates from the earliest span of martian history, between 4.3. and 3.5 billion years ago...

1 December 2000

Stem Cells Develop Into Neurons In Living Animals

Two new studies show that bone marrow cells transplanted into mice can migrate into the brain and develop into cells that appear to be neurons...

28 November 2000

Doors Of Perception Examined

Researchers are looking into how babies think and have uncovered some surprising findings...

23 November 2000

How Animals Regulate Their Own Numbers

Zoologists from the University of Toronto have cracked the ecological puzzle of how animals - in this case the arctic ground squirrel - manage to control their own population in the northern boreal forest of Canada...

18 November 2000

How The 'Mind's Eye' Works

Researchers have shed new light on how the "mind's eye" works, uncovering evidence that single neurons - individual cells in the brain - are involved in recalling specific visual images to mind.

15 November 2000

'Immortal Skin' Holds Medical Promise

From a routine study of the life span of human skin cells, a University of Wisconsin-Madison research project gave rise to an astonishing accident: A line of skin cells that simply wouldn't die...

12 November 2000

Instant Replay - Building Long-term Memory

Princeton scientists have discovered a key mechanism the brain uses to transfer short-term memories into permanent storage...

9 November 2000

Pre-Columbian Fish Farm

Since the late 1950s, scientists have known about the existence of grand-scale earthworks throughout Bolivia's Amazonian region of Baures. Recent investigations by archaeologists indicate that some of these earthworks are the remains of a unique, highly productive landscape-scale fishery...

6 November 2000

Bipedal Reptile Fossil Predates Dinosaurs

The oldest known fossil of an upright, bipedal reptile, which predates the age of the dinosaurs by at least 60 million years, has been discovered...

2 November 2000

EMF Damages Mice Ovaries

Mice ovarian follicles exposed to extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF-EMF) fail to develop properly in many cases...

29 October 2000

Gene Therapy Reverses Effects Of Parkinson's Disease

Researchers have successfully used gene therapy to reverse the anatomical, cellular changes that occur in the brains of primates with Parkinson's disease...

26 October 2000

Quantum Sized Transistors

Every year computer makers squeeze more transistors onto each chip by designing smaller and smaller transistors; quantum dots take that trend to the extreme, reducing the central building block of a chip to a simple device just a few atoms across...

19 October 2000

Secret To Mass Extinction Events Uncovered

34 million years ago, almost 90 percent of the tiny, shell-bearing sea creatures living along the U.S. Gulf Coast were wiped out. Until now, the cause behind the mass extinction event was a mystery...

16 October 2000

Light Shed On How The Brain 'Thinks'

Bioengineers taking Plato's concept of reality and illusion into the world of robots, have uncovered some of the algorithms of learning...

12 October 2000

Spoilt In Space

American astronauts and mission control personnel who participated in missions to the Mir space station tended to be less happy and less satisfied with their working conditions than their Russian counterparts...

9 October 2000

Planets Lacking A Central Star Discovered

Scientists have discovered 18 planet-like objects, drifting free of any central star, in a region of the Orion constellation. If the young, cool bodies are in fact planets, these free floaters may pose a considerable challenge to current theories about how planets form...

5 October 2000

New Evidence That Garlic Protects Against Cancers

Garlic might not make breath smell like springtime in the Alps, but it can help protect against stomach and colorectal cancer...

2 October 2000

Earthquakes Still Threaten The Central United States

The threat of large earthquakes striking the New Madrid seismic zone remains all too real for people in St. Louis, Memphis and other parts of the central United States - despite recent reports to the contrary...

28 September 2000

Immune System Can Control HIV

A research team has shown that HIV-infected individuals who begin antiviral therapy during the earliest stages of their infection eventually can stop taking drugs and keep the virus under control with their immune systems alone...

25 September 2000

Fetuses Hear At 30 Weeks

New research indicates that at 30 weeks the fetus is able to hear and just might be listening to your muffled words...

21 September 2000

Promising HIV Vaccine Strategy Identified In Monkey Studies

Vaccines designed to trigger an immune response to a small HIV protein called Tat could be a promising way to fend off the virus, intriguing new data suggest...

18 September 2000

Himalayan Ice Reveals Climate Warming

Ice cores drilled through a glacier more than four miles up in the Himalayan Mountains have yielded a highly detailed record of the last 1,000 years of earth's climate in the high Tibetan Plateau. Based on an analysis of the ice, both the last decade and the last 50 years were the warmest in 1,000 years...

14 September 2000

Lung Function May Predict Long Life Or Early Death

How well your lungs function may predict how long you live...

11 September 2000

Warming Trend Seen In Late Freeze, Early Thaw

A 150-year record of freeze and ice breakup dates for lakes and rivers in such far-flung locales as Wisconsin and Japan chronicles a recent climate warming trend in the Northern Hemisphere...

7 September 2000

Primordial Meteorite In A Class By Itself

A chemical analysis of a rare, uncontaminated 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite that fell to Earth earlier this year shows that its composition sets it apart from other meteorites found on Earth, giving scientists a glimpse of the solar system that has not been seen before...

5 September 2000

Intensive Exercise Is Bad For Your Lungs

"There is nothing like sport to improve your breathing!" Wrong...

1 September 2000

Successful Use Of Drugs To Extend Lifespan

Scientists have for the first time successfully increased normal life span in the nematode worm C. elegans through the use of drugs that augment the organism's natural antioxidant systems...

28 August 2000

Deadly For Bacteria, Great For Consumers

Electricity and water can be fatal. But that could be good news for consumers now that researchers have shown the deadly combination also kills bacteria like E. coli, salmonella and listeria on foods and food utensils...

24 August 2000

Brief Exposure To Nicotine Makes Lasting Mark

Brief exposure to low levels of nicotine, as little as that provided by a single cigarette, can cause lasting changes in the brain's "reward" areas...

21 August 2000

Quake Risk On Berkeley Fault Overrated

A new model of the northern Hayward Fault in California's San Francisco Bay Area suggests that a major earthquake along that portion of the fault may be less likely than previously suspected...

19 August 2000

Cloned Pig Sets Stage For Organ Transplants

Oink Oink. Cloned pigs may be used in xenotransplantation, where they would be donors of genetically modified organs for transplant into humans...

16 August 2000

Stress Makes St. John's Wort More Effective

Here's a botanical twist: The more stress that is placed on wild populations of St. John's wort, the more effective the plant might be in warding off human depression...

15 August 2000

'Fat Switch' Fights Flab At The Cellular Level

"When it's on, fat-cell formation is repressed. When it's off, fat is initiated. Without this signal, muscle-cell precursors can even be reprogrammed to undergo adipogenesis, so that they turn to fat."

11 August 2000

Arctic Temperatures Warmest In Past Four Centuries

In some of the northernmost regions of the world, temperatures have warmed alarmingly in a very short period, according to climate data...

8 August 2000

Rare Hallucinations Make Music In The Mind

Some hear choruses singing folk songs, others hear Mozart or even the Glenn Miller Orchestra -- but there is no music; they are hallucinating...

6 August 2000

Rocks Provide Clues To Origin Of Oxygen On Earth

Scientists analyzing some of the oldest-known rocks on Earth have discovered for the first time a way to recover from the geological record details about the evolution of oxygen and ozone in the planet's early atmosphere...

2 August 2000

Obesity Risk Factors Present At Birth For African Americans

Obesity is more prevalent among African Americans than among Caucasians according to a new study...

30 July 2000

Brain's Inability To Regulate Emotion Linked To Impulsive Violence

The human brain is wired with natural checks and balances that control negative emotions, but breakdowns in this regulatory system appear to dramatically heighten risk of impulsive violent behavior...

26 July 2000

Coffee Linked To Rheumatoid Arthritis

People who drink four or more cups of coffee a day are twice as likely to test positive for arthritis than those who drank less...

24 July 2000

NASA Helps Skywatchers Track International Space Station

As the Russian service module "Zvezda" nears its July 25 rendezvous with the International Space Station, stargazers and space enthusiasts can track the progress of construction on the ambitious space research facility. And they can do it with the naked eye...

20 July 2000

Brain Contains Cocaine-Like Chemical

Researchers have found that a naturally occurring neurotransmitter produces behaviors associated with cocaine and methamphetamine...

16 July 2000

Some People Genetically Predisposed To Tuberculosis

Researchers have discovered a major genetic region that is associated with clinical TB. In their study, people with at least one high-risk copy of this genetic region are ten times more likely to develop TB than normal...

12 July 2000

The Game Of Missile Interception

War is never a game, but one expert has brought game theory to bear on defending against incoming ballistic missile attacks...

11 July 2000

What Your Handshake Says About You

A new study backs up what the etiquette books have been saying all along, that a firm handshake helps makes a good first impression for both males and females...

5 July 2000

Birthdays And Correlation To Achievement

Being born in the early part of a year may affect a child's success in sport, school and self-esteem...

2 July 2000

Compound That Switches Off Appetite Discovered

Scientists have produced a compound capable of rapidly turning off appetite in mice and causing weight loss similar in many ways to that achieved by fasting...

26 June 2000

Meteorite Indicates Mars Had Oceans

Analysis of the 1.2 billion-year-old Nakhla Martian meteorite has shown the presence of water-soluble ions deposited in interior cracks by evaporating brine, which indicates that ancient Martian oceans had a chemical composition similar in variety and concentration to current Earth oceans...

23 June 2000

Feathers On Reptile Older Than Dinosaurs

A small, flying reptile older than most dinosaurs may have sported a set of feathers. The evidence comes from a fossil approximately 220 million years old, older than the oldest known bird, Archeopteryx...

20 June 2000

Human Brain Applies Law Of Least Effort When Solving Problems

Using brain imaging, scientists have discovered how the human brain goes to work on solving a problem and how it employs surprising economies of effort in the process...

18 June 2000

Study Finds Evidence Of Multiple Symptoms, But No 'Gulf War Syndrome'

In a study involving nearly 3,700 Gulf War-era veterans from Iowa, University of Iowa Health Care researchers did not find evidence of a unique "Gulf War syndrome"...

15 June 2000

Psychological Disorder Gene Identified

Researchers are now investigating a gene they suspect may contribute to the development of psychological disorders such as clinical anxiety or panic attacks...

13 June 2000

Water-Bearing Salt Crystals From Dawn Of Solar System

Brine-pocketed salt crystals within the "Zag" meteorite may be among the oldest materials found in the solar system...

11 June 2000

Technology Makes 'Super' Human Vision Possible

Adapting technology originally developed by astronomers to obtain better images of the heavens, a scientist has developed an optical system that has given research subjects who already have 20/20 vision dramatically better eyesight...

7 June 2000

Maternal Cocaine Use Leads To ADHD In Children

A connection between cocaine use during pregnancy and attention dysfunction in children is suggested in a study by researchers at Cornell University and the University of Kentucky...

5 June 2000

Morning Sickness Protects Mothers And Unborn

The nausea and vomiting of "morning sickness" experienced by two-thirds of pregnant women is Mother Nature's way of protecting mothers and fetuses from food-borne illness and also shielding the fetus from chemicals that can deform fetal organs at the most critical time in development...

1 June 2000

Genomics Project Aims To Create A "Virtual Plant"

A group of plant biologists is calling for a major scientific effort to understand the biological machinery of a plant in enough detail to construct a virtual plant...

30 May 2000

Switch Controls Destiny of White Blood Cells

By increasing or decreasing levels of a specific protein, researchers can control the developmental destiny of white blood cells...

26 May 2000

Equatorial Water Provided Means Of Survival During Ice Age

The precursor of modern animals may have been able to survive a Snowball Earth era that occurred some 600 million years ago because of a belt of open water along the equator...

25 May 2000

Gulf War Veterans Have Brain Damage

Brain scans of veterans who returned from the Gulf War sick show evidence of significant brain-cell loss, according to UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas researchers...

23 May 2000

Scientists Obtain Cells That Repair The Spinal Cord

Using simple and inexpensive techniques, researchers have turned embryonic stem cells into nervous system cells that when injected into the spinal cord of injured rats, reinsulated the naked nerve axons...

22 May 2000

Bone Made From Skin And Gum Tissue

Using engineered skin and gum cells, researchers have produced complete bones with the same hard outer coating, spongy interior and marrow core as naturally produced bone...

19 May 2000

Mutant Mice Drink More Alcohol, Recover Faster

Mice voluntarily drink significantly more alcohol and recover more rapidly from its sedative effects when a gene that encodes a key brain protein is missing...

18 May 2000

Smokers Blow Away Antioxidants That Protect

Cigarette smoking is hard on the arteries, according to a study that finds smokers have low levels of a chemical "weapon" in the blood that helps prevent artery clogging...

17 May 2000

Clot-Busting Drugs Don't Benefit Older Heart Attack Patients

Contrary to general belief among doctors, clot-busting drugs - the main emergency treatment for heart attack victims - fail to benefit patients more than 75 years old...

15 May 2000

Shock Treatment Amping Up

More powerful shocks of electroconvulsive therapy seem to provide better relief for depression...

12 May 2000

New Fossils May Be First Human Ancestors Out Of Africa

A nearly complete fossil cranium and another skullcap, representing the earliest known human ancestors from Eurasia, may also belong to the first hominid species to journey out of Africa...

10 May 2000

Language Loss May Improve Ability To Spot Lying

People with aphasia - a loss in language ability resulting from a stroke or other type of brain damage - appear to have a significant advantage in spotting liars, particularly when the untruths are given away by changes in facial expression...

9 May 2000

Mothballed Rocket Base Solving Cosmic Mystery

Black holes may contribute up to 10% of a galaxy's mass and researchers at Woomera want to find them...

8 May 2000

Lead Exposure Link To Alzheimer's

Occupational lead exposure may have long-term effects and dramatically increase the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease in later years...

5 May 2000

Microbes May Be Key To Identifying Life On Other Planets

Evidence of life in Martian meteorites or future rock samples from the Red Planet may be easier to identify thanks to microbes living in hot springs at Yellowstone National Park...

4 May 2000

Functioning Nanostructures Self-Assemble Out of Ink

Most inks are jumbles of particles but a new ink performs functions: inkjet printers or even pens can write sensor arrays and fluidic or photonic systems directly, rather than mechanically construct them...

3 May 2000

Ginkgo May Protect Brain Against Stroke Damage

Ginkgo, a supplement commonly used for memory enhancement, reduces the extent of brain damage caused by stroke induced in mice. Ginkgo, could play a future role in protecting humans by limiting stroke damage...

2 May 2000

Anger-Prone People Are More Likely To Have Heart Attacks

A person who is most prone to anger is about three times more likely to have a heart attack or sudden cardiac death than someone who is the least anger-prone, according to a new study...

1 May 2000

Earth Loses Weight - Physicists Hone Gravity Number

It's a smaller world after all - that is, if new measurements by University of Washington physicists turn out to be correct...

29 April 2000

Cloning Reverses Aging In Cow Cells

Cells from six healthy cow clones show no signs of the premature aging reported for Dolly the cloned sheep say researchers. In fact, the cloning process seems to have sent the cow cells into a backwards time warp, making them appear even younger than cells from normal cows...

28 April 2000

Gene Therapy Frees Children From Sterile 'Bubbles'

Human severe combined immunodeficiency sufferers have had to live their lives in sterile bubbles until now...

27 April 2000

New Technique To Strip Gene Info From Donor Eggs

A new fertility treatment technique may one day help women using donated eggs to have a baby that would carry nearly all her own genes instead of those of the donor...

26 April 2000

Older People Are More Prejudiced - And They Can't Help It

As older adults lose their inhibitory ability - the capacity to suppress unwanted or irrelevant information - they find it difficult to disregard their own stereotypical or prejudicial thoughts...

21 April 2000

Dinosaurs Warm-Blooded?

A computerized scan of the chest cavity of a new dinosaur fossil reveals a heart more closely resembling a bird organ, rather than a modern reptile's. This suggests that the dinosaur was warm-blooded...

20 April 2000

Smoking Makes You Stupid

Smoking in later life seems to be linked to intellectual impairment over the age of 65...

19 April 2000

Bee Mine

Can foraging bees reliably detect buried land mines by collecting pollen containing TNT dust…

18 April 2000

People with Autism Process Faces as Objects

The ability to recognize and remember people by their face is critical for all types of interpersonal relationships. Decoding this information is critical to successful functioning within a group...

17 April 2000

Possible Solution For Arsenic Crisis In Bangladesh

Technology developed to remove toxins from groundwater contaminated by nuclear waste may offer clues about how to resolve a catastrophic environmental crisis in Bangladesh where arsenic-polluted wells are slowly poisoning and killing hundreds of thousands of people...

14 April 2000

Gene Defects Tied To Inability Of Cells To Repair DNA Damage

In new research carrying implications for human disease development, researchers have linked gene defects to the inability of cells to repair damaged DNA...

13 April 2000

Gulf War Syndrome Linked To Nerve Gas

In tests analyzing brain function, Gulf War veterans who complain of dizziness showed results similar to those of victims of the Toyko subway nerve-gas attack...

12 April 2000

Back Pain All In The Mind

State of mind may contribute more to low back pain than torn discs...

11 April 2000

No Sex Please, We're Religious

Attending religious service helps children develop aspects of spirituality that are associated with the choice not to become sexually active...

10 April 2000

Fatness And Bad Teeth - Inseparable

Researchers have found that obesity is significantly related to periodontal disease...

8 April 2000

Locusts Watch Star Wars To Create Robot Vision

Researchers showed locusts clips of the Star Wars movie to study how their eyes and nerve cells reacted to fast-moving objects and backgrounds. A neural net for robot vision was the result..

7 April 2000

Breakthrough Heralds "Infinite Bandwidth"

Researchers have created a device that operates at less than one volt and is capable of converting electric signals into optical transmissions at a rate of 100 gigabytes of information per second...

6 April 2000

Monkeys Pay One Another For Work

Why not? It seems like they've been day-trading for a while...

5 April 2000

Tobacco Carcinogen Found In Fetuses Of Mothers Who Smoke

Findings raise serious concerns about the long-term potential consequences of smoking during pregnancy...

4 April 2000

Facial Expressions are Contagious

We meet a smile with a smile, and an angry face with a frown. Facial expressions are very contagious...

3 April 2000

Estrogen May Fuel Lung Cancer Growth

Estrogen, long known for its role in fueling the growth of breast cancer, may spur the same insidious process in lung cancer...

1 April 2000

Internet Set For 24 Hour Shutdown

Back up that important data now! The annual Internet clean-up is about to start...

31 March 2000

The Genetics Of Aging

Gradual genetic changes may be the source of many, if not all illnesses of aging, including breast cancer, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's disease and arthritis...

30 March 2000

The Hunt For New Planets

With the discovery of extrasolar planets smaller than Saturn astronomers are increasingly convinced that other stars harbor planetary systems like our own...

29 March 2000

Short Boys More Likely To Be Kept Back At School

Short boys are more likely to repeat a year at school, and yes, it was a small study...

28 March 2000

Speed Kills Brain Cells After Abuse Stops

Methamphetamine, or speed, continues to cause brain cell damage long after use of the drug has stopped...

26 March 2000

Thinking And Driving Don’t Mix

A high percentage of car accidents are caused by drivers performing other mental tasks, like recalling a route on a map, performing a calculation or discussing an emotionally charged subject…

25 March 2000

Controlled Burn-Up For Satellite

Watch out Gilligan! The gamma-ray observatory Compton will be re-entering the atmosphere in June…

25 March 2000

Mothers' Depression Brings On Puberty In Daughters

A mother's depression may cause her daughter to hit puberty earlier, suggest the results of a quite tiny study…

23 March 2000

Real-Time Images Of Huge Antarctic Iceberg

A massive iceberg approaching record size, according to estimates, is peeling off of Antarctica's Ross Ice Shelf...

22 March 2000

Optical Tweezers: Single Photons Trap A Single Atom

Transmission of single quantum bits via controlled emission of light quanta feasible...

22 March 2000

Paracetamol Use Linked To Asthma

Daily use of the analgesic paracetamol may be linked to worsening asthma...

21 March 2000

It's Getting Hotter Faster

New research on long-term ocean cycles reveals rapid global warming in near future...

20 March 2000

Yes, We Do Live In The Past

Your brain collects information into the future of an event before it commits to what it thinks it saw at the time of the event...

16 March 2000

The love wonder drug or a potential killer?

Those who take Viagra may not care about the risks

17 March 2000

Bioterrorism volunteers

The development of vaccines to combat bioterrorism

17 March 2000

But, it’s only a rash, isn’t it doctor?

That rash you have might just be a sign of a very serious diease

17 March 2000

All that’s old is new again…

Young women suffering in the name of fashion

16 March 2000

The incredible noise of snow flakes!

Noisy snow is a problem for aquatic animals and the military

16 March 2000

A right medical muck up

The cause of the huge hepatitis C infection rate in Egypt

15 March 2000

The art of self-mutilation?

Want to get pierced, scared, branded, or implanted?

14 March 2000

The dope on medicine

A medical dope conference for health professionals

13 March 2000

Ultraviolet Spring

having an asteroid hit the earth may be only the beginning of our troubles...

10 March 2000

Micro robots wanted for police and military duty

Less than 5cm in diameter and bristling with technology

9 March 2000


Keep your glasses as contacts might not be quite as great as they seem!

9 March 2000

The Fat Hormone

Lower your leptin and get skinny (it worked in mice)

8 March 2000

Bugs that make hearts less stressed

Loper catepillars help hearts

7 March 2000

Could high levels of credit card debt be bad for you?

get rid of your plastic for better health?

6 March 2000

Heart Ops Create Brain Blocks

Fat particles released during heart surgery can damage brain...

6 March 2000

Sperm and Male Contraception

A new family of protiens that bind human sperm!

3 March 2000

Dope Smokers Risk Heart Attack

In the first hour after smoking marijuana, a person's risk of a heart attack can shoot up nearly five-fold...

2 March 2000

Ring Around The Earth?

Former NASA scientist thinks a lunar volcanic explosion may have formed a Saturn-like ring around the globe 35 million years ago...

28 February 2000

Itty Bitty Bang Bang

Micro-explosions created by detonating the vapour from explosives may help stamp out terrorism...

28 February 2000

Liberal Arts Embraces Violence

"Violence," a new course at Williams College, aims to provide broad historical and comparative frameworks within which to locate and understand violence...

27 February 2000

Irish Potato Famine Whodunnit Ends!

One of modern science's conundrums may soon be solved by tiny fragments of DNA extracted from dried potato leaves…

25 February 2000

Messenger Of Death Molecule Identified

Researchers say that programmed cell death seems to be executed by a "messenger of death" protein...

23 February 2000

Tumors A Barrel Of Laughs

Often feel like having a good belly laugh or giggling bout? It could be a tumor that's tickling your brain...

22 February 2000

Biodiversity – Key To Ecosystem Health

Lack of diversity seems to lead to the rapid extinction of species in experiments undertaken at UW…

22 February 2000

Hand Sanitizers No Substitute For Soap

“Real life is not neat and tidy", says prof. in a tirade against hand sanitizers. Unless you use soap and water you’ll be growing a veritable cess-pit on your hands…

19 February 2000

The megadrought

The 40 year drought of the 1500's

21 February 2000

Fight cancer with cherry pie!

Eat and live

20 February 2000

Safer pediatric resuscitation

How to save more lives with simple resuscitation

18 February 2000

Kids who have to eat their way to health

How to survive heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia

17 February 2000

Great diagnosis, but so what they're um dead.........

Historical diagnosis, a very interesting branch of medicine, except the patient is already dead

16 February 2000

The Mould Patrol

The Mould Patrol

15 February 2000

Denial of Service attacks on well-known web sites

In cyberspace no one knows if your a dog or a hacker

11 February 2000

Torturing Teddy (all in the name of safety)

How would you like the title 'Teddy Bear Torturer'?

11 February 2000

Soy yuk?

if we can replicate the benefits of soy products maybe it will be more palatable

10 February 2000

Get hot

Heating immobilised limbs may speed healing

8 February 2000

Is Coffee An Essential Bodily Fluid Or Could It Be Bad For You?

Why not just a nice cup of tea?

8 February 2000

Can’t remember the night before?

Ever had a few too many and passed out?

7 February 2000

Ban kids from flying?

If children can't be safe during air travel, should they be allowed on board?

5 February 2000

The dead can kill!

Grave robbers and morticians be afraid, be very afraid!

4 February 2000

Migraine, the answer is blowing in the wind

Wind induced migraine

3 February 2000

Rat oil

Rats love olive oil, and it might also help prevent cancer.

2 Feb 2000

Sweet crabgrass

Drag your neighbours lawn down

1Feb 2000

Banana republic science

Soft fruit science

31 January 2000

A model epidemic

Simple maths modelling of epedemics

26 January 2000

Oxygen beats infections

Giving patients more oxygen can halve infections of surgical wounds.

25 January 2000

Science comes to the help of bush fire fighers

Gum tree can send flying sparks twenty five kilometres ahead of the main blaze!

24 January 2000

Keeping it clean

If it's dirty reach for that commercial disinfectant first!

21 January 2000

Avalanche rescue

Using Swarming technology to saves lives in avalanche rescue

21 January 2000

Flower power doctors are on the way

Just when you thought it was safe to go to the doctor

20 January 2000

A Shock to the System

What's the best way to re-start a heart?

19 January 2000

The Meanest Kid In School

Low levels of the hormone cortisol may be involved

18 January 2000

Millennium Man Is Already Here

Robots are on the move

17 January 2000

The fun isn't necessarily in the sun

Sunscreen labels and skin cancer

18 January 2000

We've Seen It But We Don't Believe It

Canadian sex/lifestyle education program tries to win over Gen X'ers

14 January 2000

Best serious science of the week

An advance in understanding Lou Gehrig's disease

14 January 2000

What came first the antibiotic or the chicken?

Can and should we use less antibiotics in food production?

12 January 2000

Are they really dead?

Yes, but just try to ignore the fact that they seem to be waving at you

11 January 2000

Who needs seamen?

Will electricity replace able bodied sailors?

12 January 2000

Non-prescription drugs for kids

Are legal drugs OK for children?

11 January 2000

A Snippet of Information

Making more informed decisions about 'the snip'!

11 January 2000

Blow Your Mind

Feeling a bit sick after that roller coaster ride? Maybe you have got a blood clot on the brain.

6 January 2000

Bean, beans they are good for your heart - or so the song goes

Start chowing down on cruciferous vegitables

6 January 2000

Smile your on hospital cam

Can surgury be improved by using video analysis, or are doctors afraid of the liability?

5 January 2000

Home sweet toxic home

Back yard burning may be a hidden contributor to pollution

3 January 2000

Red wine (again)

The days of wine and roses continue in the new millennium

2 January 2000

Show us your fangs (please)

20% of the population are born unable to develop a full set of teeth.

5 January 2000

The Super Bug returns

A new super bug to deal with radiation and related environmental nasties

4 January 2000

Snoring and pregnancy - a potentially dangerous combination

If you are pregnant, snore (and smoke) read on