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Where Did The Towers Go? The Evidence Of Directed Energy Technology on 9/11
Judy Wood (2009)
ISBN: 1932595473

Despite the recent passing of the eighth anniversary of the 2001 World Trade Center attacks, copious Internet-fueled conspiracy theories continue to defy the US government's official 9/11 Commission Report. Now, Clemson University professor Dr. Judy Wood, who holds degrees in civil, mechanics and materials engineering science, says that neither camp has adequately explained why two of the world's tallest buildings simply vanished faster than physics can explain. Why such an immense disaster has so few real, verifiable answers so consumed Wood's thoughts that she left Clemson to pursue the tower puzzle fulltime. At over half a mile high, with close to 150 football fields of floor space, the two towers disintegrated into their own footprints, leaving only a pile of dust and debris; a phenomenon that defies the standard laws of physics, according to Wood. Not that either FEMA or NIST, who both contributed to the official report, would have identified this seemingly obvious fact, as they later admitted, incredibly, that they did not investigate how the towers fell. Those who thought they caught a whiff of thermite explosive at ground zero will also be disappointed by Woods findings, as she believes that such scenarios, and other alternate theories, are equally unlikely. Wood's eventual findings were so unsettling that they resulted in her filing a lawsuit against the contractors of the NIST report.

Last Chance To See
ISBN: 0007290721

Twenty years ago, acclaimed British writer Douglas Adams set out on an expedition with distinguished zoologist Mark Carwardine to assess the predicament of some of the world's most rare and endangered species. Twenty years on, Carwardine embarks on a follow-up expedition, but this time he teams up with donnish British comic Stephen Fry. Based on the BBC television series of the same name, Last Chance To See follows the two intrepid travelers on six journeys that take them to the Amazon basin, East Africa, Madagascar, New Zealand, Indonesia and Mexico. Unlike other celebrity driven nature quests, Last Chance To See has at its heart a real and important objective: the chance to see the cost that human progress has had on nature over 20 years. The engaging comic-straightman double act seek out a flightless parrot, man-eating Komodo dragons, man's closest relative, the northern white rhino and a bizarre looking animal seemingly constructed from spare parts. Considered a "treasure of the British Empire" by the UK's The Guardian, Renaissance man Fry's pithy commentary and curious mind complement perfectly Carwardine's encyclopedic knowledge on a wide variety of wildlife.

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