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October 5, 2007

The Matter Myth: Dramatic Discoveries that Challenge Our Understanding of Physical Reality
Paul Davies & John Gribbin (2007)

Brought to you by two of science's most knowledgeable gents, The Matter Myth is the latest update on what's hot and what's not in modern physics. Paul Davies, British-born, physicist, writer and broadcaster, together with science writer John Gribbin, In Search of Schrödinger's Cat and various articles for the journal Nature, have woven together a breathtaking array of new and updated scientific concepts that continue to challenge science's perspective of the cosmos. The latest theoretical advances in chaos theory, black holes, string theory, solitons, and wormholes seem to defy otherwise commonsensical explanations, and have led many researchers to stretch their collective imaginations in search of hypotheses that may better explain traditional notions of space, time, and matter. While exploring science's newfound relationship with reality, Davies and Gribbin time travel through a wormhole, get swallowed up by a black hole, and ponder the astronomical implications of galaxy-length cosmic strings fitting into a single atom. Further forays into the fantastic include the universe's inevitable "big crunch" (the universe in reverse), and whether time is just a trick of the human mind. Whether you're a hardened skeptic of this new age of science, or a true believer, Davies' and Gribbin's The Matter Myth makes for an amazing cosmological journey.

Sea Monsters: Prehistoric Creatures Of The Deep
Michael Everhart (2007)
ISBN: 1426200854

People are often left awestruck after reading about the times when dinosaurs walked the Earth. But we often overlook the merciless killing machines and great leviathans that stalked the oceans during the Cretaceous period approximately 80 million years ago. As Michael Everhart, former president of the Kansas Academy of Science and paleontological film consultant, describes the life that would have existed below the depths, he may as well be describing an alien species that lives a million light-years from Earth. Life during this period was swift, brutal, and unforgiving, which is made abundantly clear once you don the 3-D glasses and view the ultra-realistic CGI film footage and stills that come packaged in Sea Monsters. The Sea Monsters package features current profiles of close to two-dozen terrifying beasties, and some happy snaps of the unconventional Sternberg family (who you may or may not find more startling than the sea monsters) who pioneered marine paleontology. Whether you're into prehistoric sharks or reptiles, looking for the lowdown on cutting-edge marine paleontology, or just in it for a bit of thrill seeking, Sea Monsters has something for everyone.

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