29 June 1999

WWW Finally Gets Proper Hypertext. Dolphin Funny Business Pays Off...

We don't often write about the web. We're too busy executing intifada parallel computing research to give a toss frankly. But a company called Third Voice finally released a plug-in worth having (check our front page for download -ed.). It refreshes the parts of the web other plug-ins can't. It allows everyone to add "post its" to any web site. Ad hoc discussion groups can pop up anywhere. Instant community - expect lots of post-ironic squats to spring up.

And so, Ted Nelson, the father of hypertext, has finally had his non-bogus vision of the everybody-is-an-author (yeah, tell me about it -ed.) concept of hypertext realised.

Is it seriously a threat to Microsoft? In a very pure and elegantly subversive way it is. But then, it's a threat to any business. It could also reform government big-time.

Hmmm, but how scalable is it? Have a guess in our forum