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James Kohl on May 15, 2004 at 22:15

Re: Homosexual Pheromones (Uncle Al)

Whine? Would have expected better than this type of comment from you, Al. Peer-review, when the topic is either controversial or politically incorrect does not work. Scientific dogma almost always wins out. Here's some added info to consider. My last peer-reviewed pub: an invited review in Neuroendocrinology Letters won a seminal award for the best paper linking neuroendocrinology and ethology. So, I get a best paper award when the model is used to explain heterosexual development, and "I don't buy the model" from reviewers when the same model is used to explain male homosexual development. Also, there is no need to identify the molecules in this model: the mammalian neuroendocrine response to pheromones of the opposite sex is a key factor; whether or not androstenol alters this neuroendocrine response is of little consequence (though androstenol does appear to do so in women). Preti and Wysocki showed effects of male axillary secretions on luteinizing hormone and mood in women. Other cites at my domain It's been years since we've communicated, Al. Much more info is available now. The GC approach offers little because of all the confounds.

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