Monsanto, very upset with New Scientist.

Posted by Mike Kremer on Apr 15, 2004 at 08:13

Colin Merritt, Biotech manager for Monsanto which markets Roundup Ready soya, is shocked that the New Scientist has published such a highly biased and innacurate article titled "Argentina's Bitter Harvest" in this weeks (17th Feb issue)
Merritt claims that New scientist quoted from two well known anti-GM activists, and ignored the wealth of independent scientific evidence to the contrary. "If the problems new scientist claimed were true in the real world, why would Roundup still be used by thousands of farmers every year, after 30 years of safe and effective use?"

....and now a precis of the article New Scientist published this week, titled:-

"Argentina's Bitter Harvest"
The country which pioneered GM farming, embracing GM grown foods. Has become a stark warning of the disaster that can result,there for all to see
scientists claim today.
Apparently Argentina is suffering an enviromental
crisis with "superweeds" overunning the countryside Exactly as predicted over 5 years ago.
Farmers were then lured by promises of increased productivity and decreased herbicide spraying.
Scientists have been astounded that in fact over the last two years GM soya growers actually found themselves using twice as much herbicide as conventional soya farmers, largely because of the herbicide-tolerant "superweeds" that have sprung up and spreading, everywhere.
Normal weeds are tough enough, but these these
superweeds have been created (when GM crops swop their resistant genes with weeds). Are so tough that they require greater quantities of herbicide to ensure they are properly killed off. ie. Not
allowed to regrow, and spread again.
Further-more due to the greater quantitys of herbicide spray now being used, it is killing the growing properties of the soil. Worms, mealy-bugs leather-jackets, mice and bacteria, have all but dissapeared, in the GM growing areas.
In the village of 'Colonia Loma Senes' their chickens and piglets died. Sows and nanny goats gave birth to dead or deformed young. Banana trees became stunted, and still not bearing edible fruit, safe to eat.
While farmer Sandeval Filemon woke one morning to find his eyes smarting, while village childrens legs came out in rashes.

**Well thats the gist of the article, which wont be published on the Net until next week.
Best obtain this weeks copy (17th April) from a newsagent or library and read all three pages for yourself.

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