Dog Origins:: lousy science reporting

Posted by Amaranth Rose on Feb 15, 2004 at 02:35

In this article on the origin of dogs, the writer makes an egregious error: at one point, the article refers to the diversity of dogs by saying 'there are over three hundred "species" (quotes mine) of dogs. In point of fact, there are over three hundred BREEDS of dogs, but only ONE species, Canis familiarus. It is at this point that
i start throwing literature across the room and swearing. No wonder people don't understand what a species is or isn't, with idiots like this who can't tell the difference between a breed and a species. It's about as bad as people reporting on Astrophysics and not knowing the difference between a supernova and a globular cluster.

Dog origins

The stupid idiot who wrote this and the moron editor who allowed it to be published should both be sent packing, IMHO. Both are doing a terrible disservice to Science.

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