Research on Limb Regeneration

Posted by Mike Kremer on Feb 14, 2004 at 17:03

Seems that scientists would love to find a 'Holy Grail' factor that induces regrowth in nonregenerating systems.
Research has been ongoing ever since it was discovered that while mice do not normally regenerate their hearts, a murine strain (MRL) can do so, even when their heart is deliberately damaged

Salamanders and Newts are the best known regenerators, but Cockroaches can regrow legs, Deer regrow antlers. While flatworms (Planarians) can be
chopped up into hundreds of pieces, each piece will
regrow into a perfect worm.
Even humans can regenerate lost fingertips, provided the wound is NOT sutured.

Anyway I personaly believe its going to happen soon
By preventing a scab and scar tissue from forming, prehaps a human could regrow an arm?
**Enclose the damaged arm in a bottle, full of blood plasma, and nutrients etc to exclude the air? Someone ought to try it, as Uncle Al says.
**Yes just another of my strange ideas....but who knows, the future is out there.
look up 'MRL mice' for more

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