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Q Gang on Feb 14, 2004 at 08:57

Re: Bicycle lights (Batteryless! No friction!) (DA Morgan)

Hi Everone, Thanks your ideas. I like talk little more.

1. Someone said this is not a new idea. Could anyone show me any websites or any documents which talks same tumbling magnet generating system?

2 As I said on my website. There are many similar devices on bicycle since 1930s. there are all based on a stationary coil and moving magnet on the wheel. In my patent search report(on website) there is a early patent for this kind design. But patent office did not think they are the same. If you like to do your own reseach, you will see the different. The fact is why these early devices are not existed any more? What is the reason they are out of market? Can someone tell me?

3. The the two magnets attract each other and make a magnet tumbling inside the coil is very important for the light system. Because I tried all early devices, and understand the early ones are no working, because on the bicycle the gap between the stationary coil and moving magnet is often changed (turning, heavy loading or wheel spokes broken...). The gap changing will make the devices power ontput change. Make the lights one time brighter (the gap closer), one time weak (the gap wider). Simply unworkable. If you try one yourself you will know how annoy it is. On the tumbling magnet system, there is no problem. You can test by put a magnet is a film can and moving another magnet ontside the film can. You will see, the gap changing is not a big problem. Whatever you moving magnet (outside the film can) in different directions, with different gap, in different speed, the magnet inside the film can will tumble in fast speed. That means the power output is same.

5. Another problem this light system solved is: on early device if the moving magnet is in slow speed, the power output will be very low [the lights will be switched off (such on Dynamo)]. But on this light system, the lights still flasing even you pust the bicycle walk with you. Why? if you test the system using a film-can as above you will understand.

I think these two points shown why the early devices not working and my tumbling magnet is working. In short, this light system overcome all the disadventages of bicycle dynamo (and early devices), kept all the adventages of bettery powered lights. No battery, No friction, No problems forever.

My English may not very good, please forgive me.

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