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Posted by danno mights on Jan 07, 2004 at 12:44

Re: Feo2: tyrants are tyrants agreed... (Feo Amante)

from introspection, action, reaction and the backstory.

I never intended the Hubbard-types to be the good guys. In fact the story I am writing is about the struggles of the Earthlings to recover from a Dark Age and the Grey (followers of Alexander Grey, my L. Ron Hubbard guy) have been on Mars for over a thousand years, more advanced in tech and science. The people on earth are struggling to re-establish some order and there are struggles and class divisions within the Earthlings, the ones left behind as far as the Grey are concerned.

The original questions I posed about who we think will make up the first colonist on Mars is backstory to what I am writing. My premise ist that closed dedicated groups stand a better chance of pulling this off than do any forms of government or economic systems (short of an enforced migration - ie Prisoners to Australia).

Like the first post, asking about the formation of matter (for the fabrication of a faster than light form of communication) is all just backstory stuff to waht I am currently working on.

It helps to get the creative juices flowing to get a lead, a sniff of something different and I work on it, work on it, mold it into something I might or might not use.

The "Staring at the navel" crap is more like the self-absorbed or overly dramatic efforts like "Eyes Bored Shut" or the Jeffry Irons/Meryl Streep movie about a family in Argentina (forget the name, fortunately) - big freaking yawns ...

Character development and change is the most important message of the story. If a person is not challenged (to Stay or to Change) then what is the point of the story?

I do appreciate your comments and the time you are taking with me.

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