Re: Bicycle lights (Batteryless! No friction!)

Posted by Mike Kremer on Feb 12, 2004 at 19:47

Re: Bicycle lights (Batteryless! No friction!) (Q Gang)

What a load of complicated bull.
If you mount your coil too near to a steel framed bike, you got problems.
Also dont bother with those extra magnets fixed onto the wheel spokes...they are totally unecessary, and add expense.
Now if you want a genuine frictionless system
try this:-
Buy yourself a 'shake forever flashlite'
Good selection here
Mount it verticaly on a 5-7" length of flat spring steel...fix the other end of the flat strip underneath your saddle, and let the rough road bounce your flashlite up and down. Oh yes, the flashlites have an integral 1 Farad capacitor
so they will remain lit for up to 15 minutes even when your bike is stopped. And if you cant run a couple of fine wires to new, red and white LED's,
you shouldnt be calling yourself a scientist, or even accessing scienceagogo.

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