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We've had clones for as long as there have been people: they are called identical twins or identical triplets. They are genetically identical, but they don't have the same fingerprints, immune system, retinal patterns, personalities, and their lifespans are significantly different (like 7 years on average), in part because they die of different diseases. This is trying to tell you something. You are not your genes.


A paper called "Epigenetic Randomness, Complexity and Singularity of Human Iris Patterns" by John Daugman OBE and Cathryn Downing of the University of Cambridge contains the results from a study of 2,000 iris images from the U.S., U.K., and Japan collected over a three-year period. 2048-bit IrisCodes (a digital signature of the iris image) were taken from subjects using small video cameras, and these images represent "a total of over 2.3 million possible pairs." Comparison of the IrisCodes found that the chances are 1 in 10,000,000 that two IrisCodes would be even two-thirds the same--even identical twins have different IrisCodes. On the same token, if a live IrisCode matches an IrisCode in a database only up to 75%, the chances of a mismatch are "one in a thousand, million, million." This finding allows for the normal variation in a person's iris under different conditions, when the digital signature might be off by an average of 11%.

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