Feo2: Why is there a saguaro cactus for this story?

Posted by Feo Amante on Feb 12, 2004 at 10:50

Re: Why is there a saguaro cactus for this story? (Amaranth Rose)

I checked out your links and while I see some cactus that bear some resemblance (not unusual) none look like a saguaro. Some of the photographs are difficult to tell though. They have a photo of a full saguaro growing out of the ground, and then cuts and clippings of other cactus, some trimmed of spines.

One more thing, unlike the Peru variety mentioned at those links, Saguaro Cactus are not poisonous to eat. If you are in the desert, and you are really thirsty, cut a hole in a Saguaro and scoop out a little of it's jellied insides. It's a firm goo and kinda stringy, but its dripping wet and better than dying!

KM changed the pic, btw. :)

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