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Posted by Feo Amante on Feb 12, 2004 at 10:17

Re: Question about clones (Debi)

No, a clone wouldn't have the same retinal scan or fingerprints.

Why: The theory is that, even when recombining a duplicate copy of DNA, you are still recombining. Because of this, certain chaos factors are involved. The clone would have the same fingerprint "pattern" (Loop, Radial Loop, etc.), just as they would have the same hair, skin, and eye color, just not the same fingerprint.

Nor the same retinal pattern.

But the exact same DNA.

With recombination variation.

There is another idea floating around that certain hereditary factors that were switched off for the original, might be switched on during cloning.

Early in the idea of cloning, it was thought that clones would be identical in every way. Real world cloning proves different. Shows how theory and computer models can only take you so far. Shows, also, how naive it would be to attempt actual science without animal test subjects - and eventual human subjects.

Your clone would share your identical DNA in the same way that an indentical twin shares the exact same DNA of it's IT sibling. IT twins don't share exact fingerprints, retinas or iris image.

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