Re: HTML, from a Fortran IV programmer

Posted by Amaranth Rose on Feb 11, 2004 at 21:16

Re: HTML, from a Fortran IV programmer (Amaranth Rose)

Okay, I learned something from that little exercise. The actual process is easy. Describing it on the post without triggering the html is not so easy.

Okay. Type in (less than sign,left arrow)followed by (a href="). Paste your link. Follow that with "(greater than sign, right arrow) All of this will not show on the surface of your post, though it is still there and can be found by arcane means.

Next, type the text you want people to click on. This will appear in plain sight, so you might want to be polite. *grins*

To finish, type (less than sign,left arrow)followed by /a, followed by (greater than sign, right arrow). This will also not appear on the surface, though it is there.

If you leave out any pieces, like =, ", or forget to close your inequality signs, it won't work. It has been traditional in this forum for people to practice posting at the bottom of the forum if they like. Some of us actually read all the way to the bottom from time to time, so you may find some comments on your attempts. Hopefully they will be constructive and friendly.

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