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DA Morgan on Feb 11, 2004 at 08:48

Re: the universe (Pasti)

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"You have lost me here.What has antropomorphism to do with inflationary cosmology?"

Inflationary cosmology posits a beginning. I think that is anthropomorphic nonsense. I think there is as much chance for a "beginning" as there is for it all being green Jello brand pudding.

Take for example my birth date. Was that the date of my beginning? Only if one uses the word in an anthrophomorphic form. The most of elements from which I am constructed started their existance billions of years ago in stars. The hydrogen is likely primeval dating back to a few hundred thousand years after inflation. And yes I've no doubt something we call inflation happened. I just don't think it was the 'beginning'.

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"But keep up a healthy dose of skepticism."

Always. One must always remember that everything is either a wrong turn or just a stepping stone along the way. When people start coming up with basic constructs around the source of irrational numbers, velocity, and accelleration I'll start wearing a seat belt: Not until.

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