Re: Why is there a saguaro cactus for this story?

Posted by Amaranth Rose on Feb 11, 2004 at 05:34

Re: Why is there a saguaro cactus for this story? (Feo Amante)

Well, now, I'm befuddled. I went out and found picture, info, descriptions of cacti similar to the Saguaro that inhabit Peru, and now when I look at the article, the picture has been replaced by a shot of a steep, cloud-wreathed mountain with snow-covered peak. My life sure is interesting. Anyway, there are indeed tall, branching cacti similar to and related to the Saguaro that do indeed inhabit South America, Peru and Argentina specifically. I won't go to the effort and stress of html'ing all these links (I'm an old Fortran IV programmer, lost in a time warp and haven't learned any new hep languages) so I'll just cut and paste.

Hey, can anybody tell me what "antheogenic" means? It's in one of the articles but not my dictionary.

I think the picture COULD have been one of the following:

GENUS : Trichocereus
SPECIES : bridgesii, cuzcoensis, fulvinanus, pachanoi (San Pedro), peruvianus (Peruvian Torch), macrogonus, taquimbalensis, terscheckii (Cordon Grande), validus, werdermannianus

Or it might have been a Saguaro, and somebody foo-fooed.

Peru cactus like Saguaro

“Argentine Saguaro” (next 4)

Order Trichocereus seeds

Plants, Trichocereus

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