Re: Today, France has Banned all Signs of Religious Faith in its Schools

Posted by Mike Kremer on Feb 10, 2004 at 20:36

Re: Today, France has Banned all Signs of Religious Faith in its Schools (timmos)

No not exactly, its just that I believe its something that should have been done many years ago. Way back in the 1950's prehaps, when France was at war with Algeria.
I dont believe in changing the 'ethnicity' of a country, with large influxes of other populations.
Especially in Europe where the natural boundarys
of rivers and mountains, have fixed the countrys population type and religion over the past centurys.
France has a massive Moslem population, in a Catholic country, as well as a large Jewish population. On its eastern border you have Germany
a Protestant country.
It is my belief that NO emigration should be allowed into any country unless they can read and write English. Here in the UK this May we are going to legally allow another ten countrys into the Common markt. Few can read or write English.
It could cause problems.
I'm wondering if the huge influx of Hispano Mexicano's into the USA is causing problems?
Apparently not...I guess they all look at american films, and can at least speak english?
Well here in Britain we have a number of towns in the midlands where you would swear you were living in Pakistan. Food, restaurants, store and street signs are all written in Gujurati.
I bet you dont have any 100% mexican towns in the USA do you.

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