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Posted by Feo Amante on Jan 07, 2004 at 11:40

Re: Mars photo (Uncle Al)

I'm all for redirecting planetoids and cometary ice on a smash intro with Mars. At first, it works to determine siesmic activity. Over the course of many years however, it serves to remove potential impact threats to earth. At the same time, it serves to use Mars as a light gravity way station for cataloging and mining the impact debris for the creation of Space colonies (O'Neills, Torus, whatever suits yer fancy). Over the long course of many years, it serves to increase the mass of Mars
(we're talking, by this time, an full operation that has built an infrastructure that allows for the regular impact and use of materials)
and - in the case of the ice asteroids, increase air density and atmosphere to a human livable level - without space suits.

This then MIGHT be how investor interest may be piqued, by taking many short steps toward the long view.

Such things could only be done on Mars
(the moon appears to be seismically dead)
and serves the interests of science and industry (industry loves it when science serves it, and science loves industry grants.)

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