Re: Today, Science has Banned all signs of Religious Faith in its Schools

Posted by Mike Kremer on Feb 10, 2004 at 19:45

Re: Now he's cutting throats (Kathy)

Kathy, you cannot teach religion in a science class, any more than the Pope can accept science in a seminary.
Were the church to ever accept science, it would have killed its own birth more than 2000 years ago. Religion is magic, miracles and death, thats why Saints are only created after their death, their lives conveniently becoming a mess of unreliable and unproven facts, as time passes.
Fact: -those born into a religious family, become less religious as their lives progress. While those born out of religion tend to read about religion as they get older. That is due to the human thirst for knowledge, the more clever of us have made up our own minds by the time we hit 50 yrs old. The really clever only take half as long.
Science is creating a wonderful and believable future for us all, slowly but surely proven facts will prevail for all, in whatever you study or look at. Uncle Al is right in the main, wars pestilence and starvation are all able to be predicted mathematicaly. The religious hordes and barbarians of the present and the past, bred uncontrollably when left to their own devices. Today those same groups of peoples have nowhere to go, their expansion is over, they can only die and shrink, still believing in their historical past. The clever will inherit the Earth.
Your fauna of Australia is no more extrordinary than the fauna outside of Australia. Time does not stand still, certainly not in Australia, it has sustained more losses of fauna and creatures since its recent discovery 200 years ago.
Uncle Al Swartz is a fund of scientific knowledge. I am surprised that he even deigns to reply to the stupid.

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