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Posted by Uncle Al on Feb 10, 2004 at 17:11

Re: Must do (Kathy)

I don't care how much your life stinks of soured breast milk and filled diapers. If life screwed you, get over it and move on. Grow up, bitch. Men don't cry over stripped bolts. They retap the hole and buy a new bolt.

The math is inescapable.

1) 6 billion people cannot have a Western lifestyle. The raw materials do not exist. They are doomed by their numbers that inexorably increase because "that is their culture." The only solution to Earth's vast overpopulation is removing 2/3 of it. You can tie off their balls and ovaries. You can let them die of starvation, disease, and armed conflict. You can go out and exterminate them yourself. Not to make a decision is to make a decision. They will live like crap and die like animals. Bodies will pile into mountains of corpses shortly after a critical resource is exhausted. It cannot be fixed. It can only be ended.

2) There is no compromise even theoretically possible. Moslems, Catholics, and Jews will never live in peace because their idiot god will not tolerate it and their huge reproductive rates will consume any imaginable finite resource. Kill or be killed - and that is the whole planet as it has always been. YOU go tell Northern Ireland that Protestants and Catholics are indistinguishable louts.

3) Folks who have had the good sense to respect empirical reality and tell god to take a hike are in the catbird seat. Will they doom their children's future or kill the heathens? Ancient Rome was no gaily decorated picnic, but it was hugely better than what followed its collapse. International trade, social stability, plumbing, and the rule of law are infinitely preferable to niggers with machetes standing toe to toe carving each other like schwarma (i.e., Hutus and Tutsies or Detroit).

Go visit the Hydrotherapy room of your local major hospital ICU/Burn ward around 0900 hrs. Crispy critters have a choice. Their wounds can be scraped down to bleeding raw meat with steel blades (debridment tools) every day and they will heal cleanly. They can say "no," easy as that, and hypertrophic scarring will irreversibly disfigure and cripple them forever. The UC/Irvine Medical Center Hydrotherapy door is three inches thick and on rollers. You can hear screams through it every day.

I was in with 40% third and deep second degree burns. I was scraped for 19 days straight, and another two weeks as outpatient. Then one day the nurse came in with a bucket and disposable washcloth (bloody mess even then) and the crispy critter got do "clean the wounds" every morning at home, blood and all, and be inspected weekly until things are resolved. Add six months of rehab and 132 in^2 of skin transplants and Bob's your uncle.

It does wonders for facial wrinkles if you can regrow your face.

You know nothing. You are puke. Die, and leave the world for the rest of us who bear the responsibility for its technological creation and persistence. Go whine and fart elsewhere. Real people live their lives. This is a science forum and everybody in it is better than you.

Sisterhood is strong - until the first pickle jar, spider, or brake job.

Uncle Al
(Do something naughty to physics)

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