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Kathy on Feb 10, 2004 at 15:28

Re: Today, France has Banned all Signs of Religious Faith in its Schools (Uncle Al)

Did I persevere with my irreparably damaged son because I bonded before recognizing the abnormality, not having the instinct of a wolf, to kill and eat the imperfect? Why haven't I knocked him over the head since?

We all now know what Al would do one way or the other, but do they know what they would do themselves, in any given situation.

Maybe I'm looking for some answers myself, just out of curiosity. If someone on your forum would like to chat, however I've already received several virus' warnings in the past week (most unusual) as our anominity isn't double-blind protected. I run everything through my server which cleans it of virus' before they arrive - just giving me enough information to report it ASAP. All servers should be so thorough and it would keep them up and running and not shunting virus' through to their consumers.

That has to be addressed, Doc. Especially with people like Al on your site, intimidating the hell out of people. I took a lot of abuse but gave none - only tried to introduce a topic that branched into ethics, hardly a heated issue. Even introduce humor to the thread, some politically correct by your standards (you HAD to laugh at some of Science Made Stupid - one of my favorite forwards), it's originator a greatly respected 'multi-contributor' to the Sciences.

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