Now he's cutting throats

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Kathy on Feb 10, 2004 at 15:19

Re: Today, France has Banned all Signs of Religious Faith in its Schools (Uncle Al)

Whomever is running this list, pull this man in. His answer to everything is death.

A .358 hollow point renders the recipient blown out, as the bullet spreads on impact and any impact is a drop shot. They are accepted issue for drugs and vice detectives. My bullets are words and it often intrigues me to see how they effect some people - like little drops of acid. Others take pause to think and that's all I can expect. Give things more thought.

And if you challenge my credentials, I would expect the opportunity to provide them - to someone following these threads. Did you in fact read it, or just cut me of at about the length I'm confining these posts to now?

By the way, Wombat's do not have a social order. They are solitary, only crossing paths to breed. A classic Au insult is to call someone a wombat, because all they do is, "eat - roots and leaves". Some of the fauna in Australia is extraordinary, as well it's flora. Time stood still here, isolated geographically and by strong straits.

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