Today, France has Banned all Signs of Religious Faith in its Schools

Posted by Mike Kremer on Feb 10, 2004 at 12:06

With an overwhelming vote of 494 to 36 all religious icons, thats -pictures, the wearing of Muslim headscarves, Jewish skullcaps and Christian crosses, have been banned in French schools, from today.
One purpose of the ban is supposedly to prevent the spreading of religious militarism within communities. 'Schools are for learning, not for the division of religious communities' says the Goverment.
Sihks are saying that their turbans are not religious symbols.

What are the views of this Forum. Could this new law increase racism, or religious intolerance?
Could this idea spread to other countries schools?
Promote the separation of children into private schools?
How about beards and non cutting of hair?
Or have we left it too late to separate Church and State?
Think about the imminent demise of the Mormon Gov: in your state of Utah, due to huge influx of Mexicanos etc.
Your thoughts?

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