Re: Diamonds are an Eskimo's Best Friend

Posted by Pasti on Feb 10, 2004 at 01:33

Re: Diamonds are an Eskimo's Best Friend (Mike Kremer)

Seems to be safe, for the time being.The diamond industry in Canada is pretty small, nothing for South Africans to fear.
And it is native teritory, so it is pretty much "defended" by special laws, profit wise at least.Which is good.

I am surprised to learn that diamonds naturally are dull.I am not saying that you are wrong, or anything.I have only seen two natural diamonds in my life, and one of them was in a museum of geology.Neither of them looked very dull, and the one I was able to hold had edges, corners, whatever quite sharp that I could feel.It was something about 1 mm or so in size (isn't the carat used for the weight of the diamond?), and my impression was that of a shard of glass (Who knows, maybe it really was a shard of glass!)

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