Re: Diamonds are an Eskimo's Best Friend

Posted by Mike Kremer on Feb 10, 2004 at 00:17

Re: Diamonds are an Eskimo's Best Friend (Pasti)

You just might be right...Hyping up the diamond shares, so that failed investors can get their money out.
It's been done many times before.
However, Canada does have a small diamond industry. If this strike north of the Artic circle was proven true, it would make for very difficult mining.

Looking at a map, I notice that the territory's tiny capital of Iqaluit is nearly 2,800 kilometres northeast of Edmonton. Fly the same distance south, and you'd be battling sunburn and scorpions, somewhere south of Tijuana, Mexico.
Also Nunavut is about three times the size of Alberta, with a population that would hardly fill a baseball stadium, so i guess its mineral wealth if safe for some time?
Diamonds dont come up as sharp shards. Where a Kimberlite pipe surfaces, they are found prehaps the size of a small dull rounded pebble, one or two carats in diam. They are regulaly swallowed by South African miners coming off their shifts. Worth very little until they are faceted and polished.
Some resources and map

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