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Re: Western governments lack of vision (Pasti)

I think you would pick a frequency which the atmosphere is transparent. We have ground based radio telescopes which can see very minute signals. A 100 watt transmitter on Mars can be detected from the earth so how much attenuation is there?

But such corrections and suggestions is why I came to this site. I read a lot. Unfortunately I also fall into the same patterns of reinforcement and negliect others practice - one reads and credits more info that supports their own opinions and discounts or ignores information that disagrees with cherished beliefs.

I will look for some more info on this, if you have a couple of links to help steer me, it would be appreciated.

Funny, I just noticed something about my views on this - I distrust pretty much all large corps, govs, groups but do trust the individual to "find a way to make it work". It just crystalized. Thanks.

But back to mw tech, I have read a number of papers from NASA and other sources that date back to the 60's on this (I am 46 and been a "space nut" since the 5th grade). I knew of the wave diffusion issue and there is also the rotational problem of Earth, Luna and Sol requiring a set of reflectors (which cuts into the power generated) but the power source (large solar cell farms on Luna) is free and power loss is only a consideration if the diffusion somehow threatens other resources. Some of something (especially a continually renewing resource like solar power) is a whole lot better than all of nothing.

The selection of the Earth sites would depend on atmospheric influences to some extent. I would think dust would play a larger role than water vapor but maybe I need to review that too.

I still think it could be done but the distance relaying problem would be a challenge. The sites in Nev with acres of receptors would probably be the best to catch most of the power of a beam from a geostationary reflector.

thanks for the comments.

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