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Posted by Debi on Feb 09, 2004 at 11:56

Re: BAHAMAS science fiction? (Amaranth Rose)

I feel the need to ask but are you suggesting that the banking laws are at the root of the Bahamas problems?

If you are, then I beg to differ; here is Jersey (Channel Islands) we too had what could (and often was) be described as lenient banking laws – and it has only been in the last dozen years that some of the laws have tighten. Finance is our biggest industry and there was a time (not long ago) that most mainlander papers ran stories of our money laundering scandals (I have to admit, they occasionally still do).

However, until about fifteen years ago you could not get class A drugs on our Island, sadly (and ironically) this is not the case now as we have slowly caught up with the rest of the world, having said that a magazine article recently worked out (through statistics) that Jersey is the safest place in the world to live, although we do have some crime, 2 to 4 reported rapes a year, the odd person murdering a spouse and of course, plenty of drunken brawls; but on the whole, in spite of our banking laws it is a wonderful place to spend your life.

Here is the UK we take a dimmer view of a persons’ ‘right’ to carry a firearm, indeed it is not a right and very few people would wish to change that.

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