Feo: Time Travel, Can it ever be?

Posted by Feo Amante on Feb 09, 2004 at 10:27

Re: Time Travel, Can it ever be? (Uncle Al)

I had to temporarily get over my obsession with this board so I could get some writing done. And look!: Whole new topics to explore!

Personally, I like the approach that TERMINATOR 3 took. Yes, they did get rid of that robot arm and the chip that went with it. No, that didn't stop machiens from takiing over. Why? Because the paradox that created the future in 2 did not originally create the future.

In the storyline, sometime in the near future, technology will advance to the point where machines will take over the rule of the earth.

I liked the idea presented there. That if you pursue a specific course, you will get a definite number of outcomes. If we pursue a course of building spacecraft that will take us to Mars, then even if someone comes back from the future and stops, say, the U.S. from going to Mars, China will still go. Or India, or the European Union, or someone. There may be differences in just how long it will take, but if humanity is committed to a specific course, then it wil eventually happen.

NOT because it is "destined" to happen, but because this is the chosen path.

So in TERMINATOR 3, SkyNet was created, not because of an advance discovery of unknown technology, but because of the natural progression of a tech geared toward an Artificial consciousness that would be tied into all of our weapons.

SkyNet can send back all of the robots it wants to force this outcome, but whether it does or not, the outcome will still exist. Not because of destiny, but because of inevitability. If we take a specific path (like poor hygiene, dense populations, or lots of unprotected sex with a wide and unending variety of strangers) then it doesn't matter if we get AIDS or something else. As long as we live in a world where humans are a microbe's buffet table, we will eventually catch a contagion which we will spread to others.

It is inevitable.

BTW, Time travel, like Drake's Equation, is just a state of whimsical brain exercise, so please don't write back telling me that T3 was just a movie. DUH!

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