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Re: Feo: tyrants are tyrants agreed... (Feo Amante)


I have been working on an extensive timeline with motivation backstory reasons for events.

Really all the stories have been told, the difference is in how someone tells it. The majority boil down to Man vs Man, Man vs Society, Man vs Nature unless you are talking about some navel staring self-absorbed chick flick or paralysis by analysis mental masterbation which does have their own audiences.

If it were to be - never repeat a story, then there wouldn't been much written after WW2, you already had horror (Frankenstien, Dracula) sci-fi (War of the Worlds), romance (Sons and Lovers), Mystery (Agatha Christie series), and so on. There is no new stories, just different ways of presenting them.

I am not trying to make out the Capitalist as bad guys, just amoral in a clinical sense. Concerned for their goals, missing the implications of their actions. More like the Car industry and its reluctance to push new fuel technology for concern on the impact of the bottom line. Though there are clear examples of Corporate misdeeds, lies and dodging of responsibility in reality is more horrible than anything I could write and sell. The history of the Tobacco companies is very informative to the weakness of our political/economic system. Tobacco is a system of chemical enslavement with a few people making enormous profits from the addiction, sickness and death of millions. Plus the corrupting influences it has on the governement, courts and health systems poisons the whole society with mistrust on top of the individual stories of death and sickness.

If I came up with a story of such magnatute, many would scoff at my "exaggerations". Some would throw down the book when Evil Corp was testifying before Congress, lying their arses off. No, that would be unrealistic, some say, when all one has to do is read to see greater horrors being committed every day. Take the Matrix, for instance, humans put in pods, used as living batteries in some dream-like suspended animation. Is that really any worse than nicotine addiction? Really? Have you ever seen anyone dying while coughing up parts of their lungs which have been destroyed from tobacco abuse?

Horror surrounds us.

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