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Posted by Amaranth Rose on Feb 08, 2004 at 23:57

Re: correction (Pasti)

If you will concede that an individual's "society" includes the other organisms with which it interacts, such as prey and predators, I might go along with you. An individual can have ethics in lieu of company of their own kid. For example. It's best to avoid leopards. It's good to catch bunnies and eat them. Do not pet grizzly bears. Don't sit on plants that have prickles. One might call these survival ethics, as opposed to "soial" ethics, like don't spit on your neighbor, help your neighbor with his work when you can, Show up and help build and shingle the neighbor's barn, don't play in your neighbor's playpen (my way of saying don't covet what your neighbor's got that you've got not) Survival ethics for groups includes things like organizing leopard and grizzly bear hunting parties, banding together to hunt buffalo or wildebeast, building a fence trap to drive the bunnies into to get lots of them at one time, etc. The complexities increase as the size of the group increase. Those who can't deal with the complexities become hermits, solitaires, solo flyers.

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