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Wayne Smith on Feb 08, 2004 at 22:26

Re: Project Orion Reborn. (Amaranth Rose)

"One percent of a bucket of fire from hell is still fire from hell, sir."

I absolutely agree. But it's silly to think any level of radiation at all is deadly. That 1% is what might have accrued from an entire Orion program launched straight of the desert floor in the most dirty fashion imaginable. I'm talking about just a single liftoff under controlled conditions. The fallout would be very low indeed. Harmlessly dissipating away within hours. If that insignificant amount of residual radiation horrifies you then what goes on at a regular coal burning plant would send you into a coma. Not many people realise this but coal beds contain Thorium and Uranium. This gets thrown into the furnaces with the coal and burned up. Those plumes of smoke you see rising up into our atmosphere are full of radioisotopes. Thousands of tons of incinerated nuclear material going up every year at every plant. There are probably several thousand plants around the world. A single Orion launch carefully staged might leave a wisp fallout. It wouldn't even be noticable.

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