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Posted by Pasti on Feb 08, 2004 at 21:48

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You are pretty much on the right track, in my opinion at least.
Yes, ethics, or at least the necessary ingredients for building an ethical code (i.e. the necessary duality) can arise separate from religion, if you take an evolutive look.

In my opinion, the basis of any ethical code,in this evolutive view are the primary instincts, survival instinct, fear, etc., but for any evolution of these instincts in a code of some sort, it is necessary to have several individuals, a group, a "society" of some sort.Because at some point, if ones primal instincts become a threat to the others, their primal instincts will kick in to remove the danger.I am thinking in terms of feedback evolution, something along that lines.
Up to this moment, nothing seems to be different from what happens in the animal worls, roughly speaking.
What I haven't figured out yet is how the difference between humans and animals affects this evolution of the, say, this initial "code of ethics".Actually,what and how, in detail, will diffrentiate at a certain point a human society from an anmal society.It might have to do with intelect, and with conscience, but at this time, things are rather blurry.

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