The anatomy of an AVM #4

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Kathy on Feb 08, 2004 at 14:27

Re: The anatomy of an AVM (Amaranth Rose)

Prof Michael Morgan hadn't yet invented the platinum coil for aneurisms, but he performed all my son's surgeries, and he not only lived, but benefited. Slight loss of motor skills, walk a bit effected, smaller, less frequent seizures, and he won't haemorrhage to death.

That son survived, but is no more aware of his second chance than an ignorant animal but can defraud like no one you've ever seen. When he's not on the take, he's on the stalk, and no one is safe, eventually myself included. How do you approaching raising an intelligent, amoral being with little to no control over his impulses and doesn't feel pain? A mother that now has to ask if she saved a monster or gave her son a second chance. I have to say the second, but I can't wear it any more, because he can't change, and I couldn't help him, no matter how high up I went, including God himself. The 25 years I tried proved one of the biggest learning curves ever, nor was it a pleasant ride, but that was only half of it.

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